Bober Tea

While there are plenty of boba tea islandwide, Bober Tea 御波坊 is a home grown brand who has been the talk of the town. Also, Bober Tea provides islandwide delivery, makes it so much more convenient for all of us.

Matcha Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée Milk

Ohh, and I do fancy their QQ tapioca pearls and so, I was told that the chewy and soft pearls were freshly made at the outlet.

Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée Milk

Bober tea introduces premium flavours such as pure matcha powder, Okinawa Black Sugar, and Hokkaido milk in the spread of menu. The more fanciful ones added to their spread of obtions would be Matcha, Roasted Oolong and Oreo.

These are more of the classic ones, taste as good as it looks. However, sweetness level had been fixed.
@ Sengkang

Here are the locations of Bober Tea islandwide:

📍Boon Keng
📍Bt Panjang

Delivery Orders can be placed at:

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