Surfing in Boracay

Never thought I will end up surfing in Boracay. I always think its not my kinda game but I figured that I enjoyed it much when I got a hang of it. I was briefed on how to surf. Obviously I didn’t manage to capture much from what he told me cuz of his accent.
 photo IMG_20150813_1_zps2em4ni6h.jpg

For the first time, I put in so much concentration cuz I wanna do it right the first time!
 photo IMG_20150813_2_zpsoc8e3g6g.jpg

Okaylah … easy peasy. Just that the expression a lil’ drastic.  photo IMG_20150806_4_zpspykcsaqm.jpg

… and I shall reveal my super burnt back! photo IMG_20150806_6_zpsnaefmpli.jpg

A friend whom I have not met for four years. Four years later, she brings me surfing! photo IMG_20150806_7_zpsi02dthig.jpg photo IMG_20150806_10_zpshhw0i37q.jpg

The part which I don’t like that much, going against the waves. I know right, I end up with tiring-sore arms. photo IMG_20150806_13_zpsxyjpdzb6.jpg photo IMG_20150806_14_zpsbwvoocmu.jpg

Surfing in Boracay is not expensive. 1 hour cost us 500 peso and we managed to split by taking 30 minutes per pax. Hence, 250 peso per pax. Dirt cheap eh! Anyway, I don’t think any of you need to stress much on which water sports equipment rental service to go to as there are a lot of different ones along the stretch of white beach offering the same water sports activities. Topping up the fact that its pretty competitive, the prices will not be differ much or perhaps similar. Hence, all you need is to select your favourite spot!

 photo image-b96edaf200d13e97041d42692cf945b6f9445d469928d9841a09bc76fce55b5a-V_zpspmvzfvxw.jpg

 photo image-94a735a805f8224877753f1ea7db71852758a10eca2bbae98ecf0c5ea196964a-V_zpsdmcqbvxs.jpg

 photo IMG_20150806_3_zpsfmlxvmdg.jpg

 photo image-caea23d8051c27f2bab6d64ada411a2f47fcecd2e3ad06daef9f0c47eac51a78-V_zps6iaspgen.jpg

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  1. fuiyoohhh… surfing lo.. dont play play…

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