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… and hence, I find that #ActingTourist is fun. Spent a pleasant Sunday at the ArtScience Museum Singapore and as expected most of the time spent was at Dreamworks. I believe it will be the same for everyone else especially those who bring their kids along. I’m a big child myself!

ArtScience Museum offers FREE admission to SINGAPORE STORIES: THEN.NOW.TOMORROW from July 14th, 2015 to October 4th, 2015.

SINGAPORE STORIES: THEN.NOW.TOMORROW photo 20150726_142244_zpsf9qotjny.jpg photo 20150726_142527_zpso0jkopuv.jpg

Singapore then. photo 20150726_142847_zps8ziezuzy.jpg

Pretty interesting to and understand Singapore’s history better. photo 20150726_142945_zpsesusonfz.jpg photo 20150726_143315_zpsszvds2wq.jpg photo 20150726_144613_zpsyuatu4bi.jpg

I took the opportunity to try out the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for Note 4. It has a 360 degrees panoramic view, and I was mesmerized by the technology. photo IMG_20150727_3_zpsfd3poer3.jpg photo IMG_20150727_2_zps4aswzirk.jpg

Headed over to the basement, there’s where The Sea and Dreamworks are.

At The Deep:

This is the first sea creature I saw as I entered The Deep. Being like a kid, I was mesmerized and scared at the same time.  All my life, I never thought there will be such a creature living in the sea and this sea creature is known as Black Dragon.

 photo 20150726_150934_zpsrpclr59l.jpg photo 20150726_151129_zps6z9qpyax.jpg photo 20150726_151518_zpsdma3o6ug.jpg photo ArtScience Sg_zpsszkbrhkh.jpg

Atlantic Football Fish. The female is able to grow up to 46 cm. Well, if I am thrown into a deep sea, I wouldn’t even know that this is a fish!

 photo 20150726_152333_zps9mt24nl7.jpg photo 20150726_153129_zpsikdjngxy.jpg

Fangtooth has long sharp teeth which makes it a formidable predator. Its fangs can possibly injured itself for its perforated sockets which have developed on its palate and allow it to house its fangs safely. photo 20150726_153315_zps9owmkl1k.jpg

This is humpback blackdevil which made up of only teeth and a mouth with frightening monster traits. Its able to grow up to 20 cm but it is a poor swimmer due to its flabby rounded body. It chooses to attract its prey using a luminous fishing rod instead of chasing them in the pitch black deep-sea environment.  photo 20150726_153420_zpslmzpochh.jpg photo 20150726_153500_zpsks1ioxdd.jpg

At Dreamworks: photo 20150726_150421_zps4boqox2e.jpg photo 20150726_150429_zpstkcpqdki.jpg

The sketches of Madagascar! photo 20150726_155537_zpsag6fiui7.jpg

Here is how all your Dreamworks cartoons started from scratch. photo IMG_20150726_13_zpsmbe3qgzl.png photo IMG_20150727_6_zpspm7hvflj.jpg photo 20150726_163343_zpsrwo79c5o.jpg

 Can’t get enough! Really!

For Ticketing: photo Fullscreen capture 282015 34002 PM.bmp_zpspqejpilx.jpg


The ArtScience Museum Singapore
Add: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Tel: +65 6688 8888
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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