[SINGAPORE] Lime Deli @ Telok Ayer

Lime Deli, located strategically in the midst of CBD in Singapore. Its a casual place serving Caribbean delights where you are able to catch up with friends. Also, here is where you can do a quick takeaway, mainly catering to the CBD folks. It is also learnt that the deli is an extension of the Caribbean food serving restaurant; The Lime House.

Prepping up with the mixing corner! photo DSC_0902_zpshmogfjyb.jpg photo DSC_0896_zpswfjqwpfi.jpg

Peaking into the kitchen, where everyone is busy preparing food for us. photo DSC_0898_zps97ookvjb.jpg

The non-spicy Chicken Curry ($13) is marinated in Trini which suits the locals’ taste buds. photo DSC_0910_zpsz5ozfaog.jpg

Jerk Chicken ($13), seasoned overnight in Jamaican Jerk seasoning, grilled and served with BBQ sauce. I love the tenderness of the chicken and it is not heavily boosted by the BBQ sauce.

 photo DSC_0911_zps1vshsnx4.jpg

The Caribbean Chef Hasan Defour, the person behind all the scrumptious food served for the night. He might probably look familiar to you as he had been featured in various media.

 photo 20150226_192044_zpsou2ttak1.jpg

Aside from meeting new friends and learning more on Caribbean cuisine, I picked up something new. Ever wonder what #weliming is all about? Lime actually means “lepak” in our very own Malay word, basically a stress-free time spent chilling with family and friends.

 photo DSC_0912_zpsagkivcvc.jpg

 photo DSC_0913_zpspcfokmrc.jpg

The meat was braised to the perfect texture and tenderness with just the right usage of herbs.

 photo DSC_0914_zpsto3r25ih.jpg

 photo DSC_0915_zpsz2trwzyt.jpg

I can never had enough of Lime Deli Rum Punch ($10). Just too good especially right after a long day at work.

 photo 20150226_192330_zpspnxbxvvr.jpg

If you ain’t looking for something heavy, Rasta Pasta Salad ($7) would possibly be the right choice!

 photo DSC_0918_zpsewna2wrj.jpg

Sandwiches anyone? There are three flavours, mainly Jerk Chicken ($6.50), Smoke Salmon & Guacamole ($6.50) or the Fillet Steak Sandwich ($11). A simple munch for grab-and-go meal for those who are always in a hurry.

 photo DSC_0919_zpsyvmprybp.jpg

Dessert is love.

 photo DSC_0922_zpsfs5pjp2l.jpg photo DSC_0925_zpsyoxwz8i9.jpg photo 20150226_190218_zpsfulard6p.jpg

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 photo DSC_0933_zpsitilnjyb.jpg

 photo IMG_20150226_5_zpsiuazsfla.jpg

Thank you so much for having me around! It’s a pleasure meeting all of you. photo IMG_20150226_4_zpsprjimulo.jpg


Lime Deli
Add: 51 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 048441
Tel: +65 9192 5232

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 9pm

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