[VIETNAM]: Vietnamese Air Force Museum Hanoi

Walking around Hanoi isn’t tiring. Well, at least I didn’t remember it was. Based on the map, most of the tourists’ spots are cluttered and hence we decided to go on foot at the same time embracing the weather.

 photo DSC_0078_zps1d96ca23.jpg

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#StreetPhotography , all time love! photo DSC_0085_zpsb2e02625.jpg

Bao Tang Phong Khong – Khong Quan (Vietnamese Air Force Museum Hanoi), located at Truong Chinh Street (Southwest of center Hanoi) where you can have an up close with a bunch of rusting war relics.

 photo DSC_0092_zps755ea391.jpg photo DSC_0102_zpsb11cc00c.jpg photo DSC_0103_zps9ce96730.jpg photo DSC_0109_zps7c3111c7.jpg photo DSC_0110_zps187b6c4a.jpg photo DSC_0111_zps7d4dfa57.jpg photo DSC_0120_zpsb0668e0d.jpg photo DSC_0121_zpsa6397f86.jpg photo DSC_0135_zps68b4f890.jpg

Hanoi Flag Tower, just right beside of the Vietnamese Air Force Museum. photo DSC_0138_zpsc138b3bb.jpg photo DSC_0140_zpsa9ce6e8b.jpg photo DSC_0142_zps5a14ed50.jpg

We walked a long way but pretty satisfied, took a lot of pictures and the best part of the day would be having him beside me exploring another city, doing something we both like. It came to a point that nothing else matters, as long as he is by my side. We then made a pit stop at Hanoi Tropical Cafe (located at 2c Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem district) to quench thirst plus some munching. 😀 Their fried banana with vanilla ice cream is nice!

 photo DSC_0144_zpsd0286b27.jpg

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