[SINGAPORE] Xmas in July at Barossa Bar, Holland Village

Christmas comes early with drinks and scrumptious dinner all ready to the party with the Santa and Santarinas. photo 20140710_211646_zps7c16e54f.jpg

Barossa Bar’s signature would be their Archipelago beer served in the house. photo 20140710_193914_zpsde0a6e9c.jpg

… and my all time favourite, Chris & Diana performing for the night. Simply the best! photo 20140710_200517_zps7bbfb8f4.jpg

Archipelago Brewery is currently producing four permanent beers mainly Belgian Wit, Summer Ale, Bohemian Lager and Irish Ale, as well as occasional limited edition brews. photo 20140710_202947_zps47e035bd.jpg

First time tasting and it’s good 😉 photo 20140710_201107_zps3d3e21e9.jpg

The overwhelming crowd brings down the roof as there were games and free flow of beer all night. photo 20140710_202804_zps294c04d8.jpg

A night of bringing the party-goers back to their younger days! photo 20140710_202918_zps87e8c661.jpg photo 20140710_202957_zps19d89a2b.jpg photo 20140710_203012_zps8e33b6aa.jpg

The scrumptious beef served all night. I just can’t stop chomping. 😛 photo 20140710_203025_zpscc52f315.jpg

No parties are boring. You can chill by the bar or even standing outdoor! photo 20140710_203053_zps3133c5ab.jpg

A big thanks to Creative Eateries for having me tonight, filling me with food, beer and joy!

 photo 20140710_211516_zpsd34324eb.jpg

 So, do drop by though no more Santa & Santarinas appearance but head over for the awesome beer! I love the ambiance of the bar. 🙂


BAROSSA Holland Village
Add: 22 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277681
Tel: (65) 6468 4688
Website: http://barossa.com.sg

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