Symmetry Cafe

There are many café which I have listed in my to-go list, which I ended in one last weekend. Its located in the city and accessible by cabs. Its at a corner of a stretch of shops hence you won’t missed it.

 photo 20140614_132933_zps25b81daf.jpg

Symmetry Café offers a very systemic way of reserving or queuing for seats. There is an iPad at the door for you to input your preference and retrieve the queue number. Details will be then SMS to your mobile. Once there is availability, they will call up to inform. Hence, there won’t be long literal queues in front of the café causing human congestion around the area.

Dining outdoor is one of the preferences listed. Well, diners can always do so if the weather is fine as there are big trees thus the outdoor area is shaded.

 photo 20140614_133129_zpsaad15e85.jpg

 I chose the seat around the bar, just cuz there were too many people on the waiting list and I just want to be seated soonest possible. Anyhoo, that took me another 30 minutes wait. I was then ushered to my seat, and I begin to flip thru the menu.

 photo 20140614_141643_zpsfc816c31.jpg

 I find the menu very cute! photo 20140614_141806_zps1fd80f62.jpg

The bald lego. I love the brick walls and the dim lights which resulted in turning the café a little old school. photo 20140614_141942_zpsddc7689a.jpg

Any soup for you?  photo 20140614_142226_zps339ded34.jpg

All I can say is their coffee is awesome! I ordered cappuccino, the coffee aroma lingers on your lips. photo IMG_20140614_142935_zpsea009af9.jpg

Waffle served was delicious. I would say its a must try item. photo 20140614_143509_zps8b6f262c.jpg

Great brunch on a cozy afternoon.  photo IMG_20140614_143938_zps864bf92c.jpg

Flat white with a cute bunny. photo 20140614_151024_zps17f6d42f.jpg

… and a sleepy cat. photo 20140614_161521_zps66d37f74.jpg photo 20140614_161654_zpsc4bdd8e9.jpg

You may browse thru their menu before going so that you have an idea when you are placing your order. Also, reservation can be done online! Enjoy nomming!


Symmetry Café
Add: 9, Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206)
Tel: +6562919901

Opening Hours:
Tue to Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat : 11am – 12 midnight
Sun : 11am – 7pm

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  1. Hazel says:

    I love the foods here too!

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