Up North!

I have not been partying in a while and it’s literally true and I have moved down south for seven-and-a-half months now.Time flies, so fast that I can even imagine. I kinda feel I have been grounding myself whenever I am here and whenever I am back to Penang, I never fail to feel the mad excitement just to be home. I know I have been missing out a lot but … not always 😉

Partner in crime in #red. photo redcarpet_zpsacd012b3.jpg

Girls on bar top often looks sexy but you will never know hunks on bar tops looks way sexier #justsaying 😉 photo 20140517_202522_zps5d67b727.jpg

#HArtistry, as grand as ever, never fail to disappoint me. photo 20140517_203537_zpsc3137502.jpg

Here comes, the master of the mix. The guy who usually got his drinks mix, is mixing his own drink 😉 photo 20140517_204014_zps4f6a367b.jpg

Very pretty glasses aren’t they? photo 20140517_210214_zps91fd6771.jpg photo 20140517_210305_zpsb2253700.jpg

It has been a while I last had so much fun. I think Singapore has made me a sad person 🙁 photo 20140517_210723_zps320bc438.jpg

But first,
let me take a #selfie! photo 10293689_10154101353935386_7627046653220992668_o_zps0ac32be7.jpg photo 20140517_210919_zps4c2ff64e.jpg photo 20140517_210849_zps7d572047.jpgSeriously, the laser lights were captivating which drew the attention of the crowd. Yes, it managed to steal the crowd’s attention for a little while from their drinks 😉 photo 20140517_211800_zps1eb97631.jpg photo 20140517_211729_zpsf00f2e11.jpg

Here comes Paperplane Pursuit with their first piece! photo 20140517_212000_zps3f46f999.jpg photo 20140517_212115_zps89b23ad7.jpg

 Some #wefie session.

 photo 20140517_212316_zps8fdc9c10.jpg photo 20140517_213329_zps542dcf80.jpg photo 20140517_213153_zps59eb343e.jpg

 Excellent mix!

Paperplane Pursuit who serenaded the crowd with their hits such as “Everybody Wants Somebody” and “Higher”. The Malaysian pop sensation wooed the crowd as they joined in to echo the lyrics of each song. The crowd was in for a surprise towards the last song by Paperplane Pursuit as the H-Project DJ’s joined the pop trio to deliver an up-tempo collaboration on “Beats Of Your Love”.

 photo 20140517_213828_zpsfbd2584c.jpg

With excitement running high, the H-Project DJ’s continued to deliver an epic fist-pumping set, resulting in fist-pumping movements and screams of excitement from the crowd. The energetic experience was only to be topped off with a reveal of the duo behind the decks with the reveal leading to the introduction of DJ Ernest C, and DJ Reeve to the enthusiastic crowd.

 photo 20140517_215120_zpsaac656f8.jpg photo 20140517_213838_zpsc17ea747.jpg

With Isaac. We only meet in parties 😛

 photo 20140517_220216_zps7457713c.jpg

The atmosphere of the room went through the roof as Taiwan’s EDM/mando pop band, Magic Power took over the stage, delivering a multi-genre musical journey like no other. The energetic Taiwan based band featured hit tracks such as, “Never Play By The Rules”, “Super Hero”, as well as “Love The Way You Lie” (originally by Eminem) in a surprise collaboration with Paperplane Pursuit. Great collaborations, great music!

Not too long after, I stumbled upon a familiar face and Carliff is his name. Someone I met gazillion years ago in National Service. Believe me, super old age friend! photo 20140517_222145_zpse7c70d51.jpg

Then came another. We met 11 years ago, this is where we are after 11 years 🙂 photo 20140517_223706_zpsad8fee4a.jpg

… and partying with my favourite guy make the Super Clubbing Experience mad fun!

 photo 20140517_224630_zps4198a27c.jpg

Thanks a bunch for the invite. I love how the party turned out to be a place where all long lost friends reunite!

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