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Please allow Resort World Sentosa Singapore present to you ; LightSeeker. All thanks to Resort World Sentosa for the invitation to watch one of the latest musical, an original production of RWS. The songs were very well composed by Dick Lee.


(Photo above is credit from RWS)

Being me, I enjoyed it very much. From the acting to the singing! They are all so talented. There were one part which amazed me so much where the casts were swinging above our heads! Yes! For the first time, I am seeing “tarzans” swinging!

This time, I managed to catch up with Vivienne Carlyle as Usha, one of the casts in LightSeeker who plays as the evil witch! But hey, she is friendly in reality! Look, she took a picture with me 😛

 photo DSC_0720_zpsa784395e.jpg

I love her red hair! photo DSC_0724_zps1523661b.jpg photo DSC_0725_zps200da295.jpg

… and so, i asked for her permission if I can borrow her “turkey cloak” and she said yes! photo DSC_0726_zps98aa3a59.jpg

Here is where all the rehearsals took place. The casts get to swing from one corner to another. photo DSC_0728_zps7a6575ed.jpg

The backdrop was amazing! Those shiny, reflective piece are hand-made by the crew. They are made of plastic material but when you look at it from far, it simply looks like pieces of glass. photo DSC_0730_zpsd7ef2bda.jpg photo DSC_0733_zpsecadab49.jpg photo DSC_0731_zps17a58a8a.jpg photo DSC_0736_zps47adada0.jpg

It was a great visit. Not just I got to watch the musical but I was also given a chance to visit the back stage!

 photo DSC_0738_zps1d30f37c.jpg

This is how they practice for the 2-hour musical. Not exactly 2-hour musical theater as there were a 20 minutes interval. photo DSC_0739_zpsf10913dd.jpg

It was some other “cast”. It gave me a shock too so I thought I should do the same to you 🙂 photo DSC_0742_zpsf01a2e2a.jpg

Managed to check out the “behind the scenes”. The 2-hour musical is a whole load of effort from the customized costumes to hairdo to the many, many rehearsals!

 photo DSC_0752_zps5c0a5d38.jpg photo DSC_0753_zps120174ba.jpg photo DSC_0754_zpsfec11197.jpg photo DSC_0762_zps8263777c.jpg

Those belongs to the casts. They were properly hung and labelled.  photo DSC_0766_zps61a70fe9.jpg

… and so, this was where the casts swings across the audiences’ heads! photo DSC_0771_zpscf44fe5f.jpg

The spectacular stage! photo DSC_0772_zps84f19e75.jpg

The musical will end on 23 March 2014, and there is a 50% discount for ALL students. Just present your student pass upon purchase, and it is applicable for all local and overseas student passes. This offer applies to Cat 1 and Cat 3 tickets only.

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