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A true beauty and probably a place to go to when haze invaded the island. Oh, yes. That was exactly what I did, so called a hiatus away from the terrible haze. So this time, I was invited to Gardens By The Bay (GBTB), which is an integral part of Singapore’s “City in a Garden” with a complete tour around which includes War of the Roses, The Sun Pavilion and Children’s Garden.

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Entrance to the Flower Dome. photo 20140308_150744_zps9adeccfd.jpg photo DSC_0798_zps91a5187e.jpg photo DSC_0797_zpsd854e81e.jpg

Beautiful blooming flowers.  photo 20140308_162208_zpsf454a960.jpg photo 20140308_160342_zpsce895e7e.jpg

This plant is known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue! I remember because its unique! photo DSC_0785_zpsa6594aba.jpg

WAR OF ROSES photo DSC_0809_zps377c8769.jpg

“War of Roses”, the floral display draws inspiration from an event of the same name that took place in 15th century England. The historical “War of the Roses” was a series of civil wars between the House of Lancaster and the House of York that were vying for the throne of England. Its name drew reference to the emblems associated with the two Houses – the Red Rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York.

You may proceed to,sg/waroftheroses for more details on War of the Roses”, “A Tale of Roses”, and other programmes at Gardens by the Bay.

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THE SUN PAVILION photo DSC_0826_zps6b84acea.jpg

The Sun Pavilion is Gardens by the Bay’s latest edition which houses one of the largest cacti and succulent collections in Southeast Asia. It is now a home to 1,000 desert plants which comprises over 100 different species. The 800-square -meter cactus garden is proudly sponsored by Woh Hup (Private) Limited.

… and admission to the Sun Pavilion is free!

More information on The Sun Pavilion is available on

FAR EAST ORGANIZATION CHILDREN’S GARDEN photo 20140308_172447_zps9b4c6fca.jpg

The Far East Organization Children’s Garden is all about fun-time for the children scaling 1-hectare of play area. photo 20140308_173055_zpsbeb6e0b2.jpg

 photo DSC_0834_zpsc49876b8.jpg

 photo DSC_0836_zps8c2eb897.jpg

The Far East Organization Children’s Garden is now open to the public and the admission is free! More information is available at photo 20140308_172402_zpsdc353bf9.jpg

The play area operates from 9am to 9pm, and closes for maintenance every Monday (or the next working day if a public holiday falls on a Monday of that week).

Till then! photo 20140308_174448_zps39cd8192.jpg

Add:  18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953


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