#EarthHourSG 2014: Use Your Power!


Earth Hour takes place from 8.30pm for an hour and its an annual event now. This year, WWF-Singapore announced that Singapore has broken its Earth Hour 2013 record of 183 organisations ahead of this year’s event with over 350 organisations planning to switch off to mark their commitment to save the planet!

 photo DSC_0721_zpsbb4bae45.jpg

WWF-Singapore urges people to ‘Use Your Power’ to drive positive change for the environment. Now, you too can be a superhero for the planet by pledging to take action and commit to one or more than the 4 simple acts at http://earthhour.wwf.sg:

  • Turn air-conditioning up by one degree
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • Use fewer plastic bags
  • Take shorter showers

 photo DSC_0723_zpsc6658b99.jpg photo DSC_0724_zps0ae6d199.jpg

Stumbled upon the chickenman! Go vegan peeps! photo 20140329_184652_zps1c5adaa0.jpg

Last year there were 5,000 participants gathered at The Float @ Marina Bay for the official Lights Out ceremony over 400 organisations pledging their support. photo DSC_0728_zpsa5c703d6.jpg photo DSC_0731_zps9f0964d5.jpg

… and this year, with the #Spiderman casts joining the Lights Out n Singapore, bigger crowd is expected. Oh, yea! Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx are in town to join Singapore’s Earth Hour this year.

 photo 20140329_191847_zps7f3801bf.jpg

with the WWF mascot – the endangered species, PANDA!

 photo 20140329_185827_zps690270d2.jpg

It’s when Singapore has turned into a spidy city! photo 20140329_202113_zpsc234c705.jpg photo 20140329_193229_zps48517a96.jpg photo 20140329_192321_zps1bf2daed.jpg

The world will be watching Singapore! photo 20140329_183732_zpse0b963bf.jpg

Total distraction! Eye candy right before Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx stepped up on the stage 😛 photo DSC_0738_zpsb6c9be69.jpg

The Energy Floors – a dance mat for the public to dance on the colourful Energy Floors which converts kinetic energy from their footwork into electricity. In short, this platform is able to generate energy when people steps on it. photo 20140329_194235_zps9eb20295.jpg photo DSC_0751_zps0fcd018c.jpg

The crowd grew bigger as it got closer to 8.30pm. photo DSC_0753_zps5b7ecaa9.jpg

and with the appearance of the Spiderman 2 casts, they decided to do a #selfie!

 photo 20140329_201920_zps6f9bd796.jpg photo DSC_0757_zpsad749015.jpg

As the lights gone out, the crowd was entertained by many performances.

Masia One + Inverse Proportions.
 photo DSC_0781_zpsb0026013.jpgThe Major Sponsors for this year’s Earth Hour campaign in Singapore is Singapore Post, while IKEA and NTUC FairPrice are the sponsors at the same time having Hot FM91.3, Kiss 92FM and UFM 100.3 as the Official Radio Stations as they have their radio deejays as the emcee for the night.

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