After a good two months of slavery, the company organised an event and they named it “Jabeerlicious”. From the name, obviously, they serve beer and I believe that it should be one of the items we were looking forward to.

IMG_4649 IMG_4651 IMG_4653

… and one of the important element of the day is, I won myself a flask from the Lucky Draw 🙂 Yes, much needed at home!

IMG_4669 IMG_4693

Indeed, it was fun for us to mingle around.



Bringing the culture over, to drink from the jug instead.


We were once all from the plant in Penang.IMG_4698IMG_4699

My planner and my super high IA.IMG_4700

Well, everyone had loadsa fun drinking today but my mind was off away despite it added a little joy to me.

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