Talent Corp Sector Focused Career Fair @ USM

When I was a kid, future is the most discussed thing between my parents and I. I can say it consists of the biggest portion if I were to put it into a pie chart or a pareto breakdown. Funny how things were like, I didn’t do what they expected me to do and I didn’t practice what I studied.

Speaking of which, there was a career fair over at Dewan Utama Pelajar, USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). Many at times when we were younger or perhaps much younger, we were indecisive.

The registration booth.



Wondering what Talent Corp SFCF is? SFCF basically stands for Sector Focused Career Fair, helping to optimize Malaysian talents. Well, it doesn’t actually decide what you want to do in life but at least will be able to help to narrow down to the fields that you might be interested. Anyhow, the final decision still lies in your hands.


Issues of Graduan is distributed for free.

SAM_2687 - Copy

Choosing the career path can never be easy. I personally went thru those times. Anyhow, over at Talent Corp, there were career talks conducted in order to lead or at least provide an idea for those who are not able to decide on their career path.


Anyway, for those who might have missed it, fret not. Keep yourself posted on all the updates on the Talent Corp SFCF’s FB page. Remember, decide on what is best for yourself, not others 🙂

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