Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase Event

The correct bra you put on will be able to bring out your inner confidence in you. Of course I meant the ladies, but just in case men does that too, then, yes, it has a special something which is able to stand out in a person. photo DSC_0129_zpse0d9ae87.jpg

… and yes, I was lucky enough to be invited for Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase from Wacoal. It was hosted in Gurney Plaza and the crowd was welcoming!
 photo DSC_0105_zps30b7d6bf.jpg

The girls are stunning too! photo DSC_0113_zps463fc37c.jpg

A bit of mother nature.

 photo DSC_0100_zps4c5dff2b.jpg

Some people consider bras are intimate apparels but I don’t think bras do just that. The right bra you put on, it gives you a special something that make you feel right in everything you do.

 photo DSC_0108_zps4ac175cf.jpg photo DSC_0118_zpse9baa6f3.jpg photo DSC_0099_zps6f7a9185.jpg

The designs from Wacoal are known for lingerie that offers superior fit and craftsmanship. photo DSC_0121_zpsc3ec7124.jpg

A proper fitted lingerie brings your level to the next level. photo DSC_0128_zps87d8fa7b.jpg photo DSC_0177_zps65df182f.jpg photo DSC_0114_zpsdc52cdda.jpg

Anyway, for girls out there who doesn’t know your sizes, you may consult the Wacoal sales assistant. They will be more than happy to advise. photo DSC_0584_zps9cdf2688.jpg

So happened to be my day. Won some lucky draw prizes weih! photo IMG_8818_zpsa5ef8c26.jpg

Some of the outstanding colours I like. photo IMG_8811_zpsf5699048.jpg photo IMG_8805_zps6dec6823.jpg photo IMG_8810_zps7563c3dd.jpg

 Thank you Wacoal for the invite. It was rather an exposure to me than just a fashion show. Totally! The crowd was overwhelming and I pretty enjoyed the show. What a great start to kick off the weekend.

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  1. Sanely says:

    I grew up with a skylight cilnieg in the kitchen and it was magical. I think you have to be really smart though and shell out the extra cash monies for high quality/insulated/UV blocking fanciness. I also had 2 recessed skylights my living room in PV and they were OK. A bit dingy but I didn’t look up at them as often as I though I would, so I didn’t really notice. 🙂

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