Peugeot Members’ Club Launch

Too comfy in the new ride 😛 photo photo1_zpsdb5b826a.jpg

But I somewhat like the interior of Peugeot 508! I love complex kinda dashboards!
 photo DSC_0085_zpsad800673.jpg

So, the last trip I visited  Peugeot Blue Box Butterworth 3S Centre, so happened that Peugeot’s Members’ Club was launched! Wowza! My personal opinion is, car clubs are uber fun just cuz I am in one too! It’s amazing! You get to meet more people and people who can share idea on pimping your ride too! 😀

I even spotted Chan Brothers in the house!
 photo DSC_0044_zpsf77e38e9.jpg

Yummy food was served too!
 photo DSC_0041_zpsbb972ad9.jpg

… and of course beverages on the house! photo DSC_0045_zpsc85346f9.jpg

So, if you are one of the Peugeot owner out there, do not hesitate to join Peugeot Members’ Club! There are so much fun awaiting you out there! 🙂

CS Euro Auto, 7290-7294, Jalan Bagan Jermal, Taman Bayu, 12300 Butterworth.

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