Air Asia’s Bloggers Community Soiree @ Air Asia Academy

To be honest, I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear when I received an e-mail from Air Asia that I am invited for this party. I have been flying with Air Asia all along for all my backpacking trips with my group of backpacking kakis, but never thought that I would be able to step into the Air Asia Academy. Everything seemed new, different and so much more for me to explore in a day.

I was flown from Penang to KL with Air Asia. Well, I think I was the only one from Penang as I did not meet any familiar faces though. It was an early flight. Half way zombifying my way to KL but all good as I managed to grabbed myself a hot latte before boarding. The newly renovated Penang International Airport is still a maze to me. I can’t find Starbucks, so McCafe it is! photo DSC_0079_zps06d05911.jpg

I checked on the hashtag (#AABCBloggers & #AABCParty) on Instagram and Twitter every few minutes hoping that I am able to see updates on a stranded victim like me at the airport to kill time. Oh, yes, which later on I stumbled upon two bloggers from Kuching, & See! This is how helpful hashtags can be! With no hesitations, I dropped her a comment on her Instagram and we met up!

There is a shuttle which picked us up from LCCT and upon reaching the Air Asia Academy, we received a very warm welcome by the crew.  photo DSC_0083_zps076935d0.jpg

New friend found 🙂 Rose of photo DSC_0102_zpsf462262a.jpg

Another thing I noticed was I was red! photo DSC_0112_zpsd2c4243b.jpg

More and more Air Asia Bloggers docking in. photo DSC_0132_zps31f8a3e2.jpg photo DSC_0137_zps1bb62339.jpg

Unfortunately, Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes unable to turn up but we get to see him on the telly instead. photo DSC_0149_zps29f4cd6f.jpg

Bloggers around SEA countries! photo DSC_0150_zpsb28eacfa.jpg

A short introduction from Ninetology! photo DSC_0169_zpse50fb176.jpg photo DSC_0159_zps1511ef97.jpg

Its indeed the Best Party Ever! Well, you guys can check out pictures & twits on the hashtags ; #airasia #aabcparty #aaparty
 photo DSC_0174_zpsbf74c7d1.jpg

The Yellow Team marched in!
 photo DSC_0189_zps7e7e6bdc.jpg

It was an entire oh-so-cool day!
 photo DSC_0194_zps24b79a32.jpg
 photo DSC_0199_zps95d4b6fb.jpg

Hence, we have to go through a few challenges throughout the day. The first was to make things more interesting than what AA crew was able to perform for the safety procedure session. We did well ya know! I believe my team has the ability to draw the passengers’ attention if we were to do that on board 😛 Yeah, not just those formal safety procedures, also with songs and interesting acts!
 photo DSC_0220_zps5a292337.jpg
 photo DSC_0236_zps1915b9b2.jpg

This is no kungfu fighting! At the station, we were supposed to learn the signals of maneuvering the aircraft to a stop and park when it has landed. Well again, I think we crashed our plane, unfortunately =.=
 photo DSC_0288_zps218bf36d.jpg photo DSC_0293_zps13abad27.jpg

We have Rico & Jason to handle this.  photo DSC_0313_zps9f5cbaec.jpg photo DSC_0306_zps7d0c83fd.jpg

This would be the most interesting activity for me. Perhaps, not just me but all the other bloggers as well. For those who do not know, this is a  flight simulators and it operates 24-hours daily. photo DSC_0344_zpsdd55bd7c.jpg photo DSC_0338_zps2a281ce1.jpg

This would be what you usually hear on board. photo DSC_0348_zpsa6bb69d4.jpg

I know all bloggers were so anticipated that they might have taken a bit longer hence while waiting, Rico and I were busy camwhoring 😀 photo DSC_0378_zps651271a0.jpg photo DSC_0388_zpsd9110b3b.jpg

My oh my! The moment I stepped in, I was fascinated with the cockpit’s dashboards. I always love the many-many-buttons on my dashboard and voila! Looks like I get to play with them now! photo DSC_0432_zpsb32b10d6.jpg photo DSC_0423_zpsb2f0ec66.jpg photo DSC_0442_zpsb9163d6b.jpg

We get to learn how to take off and land. photo DSC_0447_zps61f8a245.jpg

Everything on the dashboard is just too cool that I don’t even know what their functions are! … and yes, I have fetish for many-many buttons! photo DSC_0459_zps58698579.jpg photo DSC_0461_zpsb6496586.jpg

Survival! photo DSC_0462_zpsb919469c.jpg

Yup, I’ve been to Yangon! photo DSC_0467_zpsf93599f1.jpg photo DSC_0469_zps2dd6f69b.jpg

Our team completed the task and we finally decided to name ourselves Obey-Lo! photo DSC_0474_zps272041d5.jpg

Colourful #AABC cupcakes! photo DSC_0489_zps52ed1b50.jpg

After a day of running here and there, its time to savour! LOL! photo DSC_0480_zpsbce0bb05.jpg

We were chilling away with the many bean bags. Now, how can I not make myself at home? 😀 photo DSC_0499_zpsa4d23a03.jpg

After the makan session, we gathered while waiting for the AA crew to announce the winning team. photo DSC_0539_zpsd435fede.jpg photo DSC_0559_zps722daa8f.jpg

… which my team did not win but I won myself a pair of free ticket to Busan, Korea! OMG! That was really surprising and check out the speechless moment on my face! This would be the best birthday gift of the year! Thank you so much AirAsia! photo DSC_0520_zps14022b31.jpg photo DSC_0549_zps4bb29c18.jpg

We, the few who won ourselves a pair of free flights! Its time to travel again! photo DSC_0534_zps4378eb26.jpg

Again, before I leave for Penang, I stumbled upon the Kuching duos again while waiting for my ride. photo DSC_0564_zps0da732f0.jpg photo DSC_0569_zpsb78a55b0.jpg photo DSC_0465_zps92f31ac4.jpg

So much fun we had! Once again, AirAsia, thank you for organizing the so-much-fun-party happen!! Also, a big thank you to Ninetology for sponsoring the bloggers a Pearl Mini each!

For more pictures, visit: Air Asia’s FB Page


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  1. hazel says:

    Wow..such a nice and good experience you had..great

  2. Hong says:

    memang the best party eva!!! and it is even better that you have won yourself a pair of tix to Busan~ I thought it was like everyone there won it~ congrats and happy for you 😀

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