Hard Rock Hotel Penang: Bintang Rock Buffet @ Staz Diner

Lets welcome the Ramadhan with a bang! instead of spending all day cooking preparing for break fast, i would recon to head off to Starz Diner. Well, they have a variety of local cuisine.

For the month of July, Hard Rock Hotel Penang has prepared Bintang Rock Buffet and Rock Platter for the Ramadhan month. For the first time, i fasted. My good friend, Aida, urges me to fast since three years back when we got to know each other. Funny thing is regardless how much she pushes me, it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know why. Lol! Anyway, this year I decided to surprise her. All i can tell is its not easy to do so for the first few days. But when it comes to Buka Puasa (break fast), i got so excited,totally.

For the variety of the glorious food served at Starz Diner, i decided to be there on time otherwise i will be stucked in the jam.

Roti Benggali! photo DSC_0275_zpsd4b49320.jpg photo DSC_0277_zpse8845108.jpg photo DSC_0276_zps0a29cc0e.jpg photo DSC_0278_zps6294d2ac.jpg photo DSC_0279_zps5f1a2599.jpg

The variety of local cuisine with free-flow of Soya Cincau and Sirap Limau. My personal favourite would be the sirap limau cuz the sourish of the lime overwhelm the boring sweet syrup. It tastes simply awesome! I hate it when my drinks are too sweet.

 photo DSC_0283_zps5252bc44.jpg

Variety of Kerabu are served as well. photo DSC_0284_zps73ccda55.jpg

Ice-cream readily scooped, with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavour. photo DSC_0285_zps05220642.jpg

Keropok! My all time favourite!

 photo DSC_0287_zps7b0f94cd.jpg photo DSC_0286_zps40ba7b6a.jpg

Dessert would be the part I love most! photo DSC_0289_zpsc499ad36.jpg photo DSC_0288_zps20ecdb87.jpg photo DSC_0296_zps59c468b9.jpg photo DSC_0291_zps0227bf0f.jpg

with buah kurma and Malay’s kuih-muih served! photo DSC_0295_zps61dc5eca.jpg photo DSC_0292_zpse1c5ac8f.jpg

Ais kacang

 photo DSC_0303_zps7fd16f46.jpg

Local Penang famous for assam laksa! photo DSC_0305_zps3681f9c2.jpg photo DSC_0308_zpsc3b591f2.jpg

Favourable chicken and beef satay.

 photo DSC_0306_zps342a6c8a.jpg

Like I always do, I love the ambiance of the place. photo DSC_0313_zpsa052678d.jpg photo DSC_0314_zps5ea3b77a.jpg photo DSC_0315_zpse8b3437f.jpg photo DSC_0317_zps526df7b1.jpg

Duration: 9 July 2013 – 9 August 2013
Time: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Price: RM 68++ [Adult] , RM 34++ [Children 4-12 years old]
* with complementary local beverage


If buffet is too heavy for you, you can opt for the Rock Platter!
The Rock Platter serves for two pax but it still a huge portion to me even though its a serving for two. The mouth-watering platter is priced at RM120++ for two persons.

 photo DSC_0307_zpsaa5bffcb.jpg photo DSC_0298_zps03a160a6.jpg photo DSC_0299_zps319221dd.jpg

… and its the dessert i am craving for which is the Mini Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice-Cream or the Mini Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream!  photo DSC_0300_zps9b172c6f.jpg photo DSC_0302_zps9dd0d2f5.jpg photo DSC_0318_zps6cd0f44f.jpg

This oh-so-fehmes gigantic Rock Platter is serves at the Hard Rock Cafe includes appetizer, main course, beverages and dessert. There are two sets of Rock Platter served.

It will be available from:
10 July to 7 August 2013.
From 11.30am – 10.30pm
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Penang

You can do Sahur breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel too. Well, it starts from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at Starz Diner. This would be a mini breakfast buffet for the early birds!
10 July to 7 August 2013.
Price: RM25++ [Adult] , RM12.50++ [4-12 years old]

So to all my Muslim friends out there, happy fasting! And remember this, I’m with you this Ramadhan! Buzz me you wanna Buka Puasa together yo! Lets make this fasting month a rawking one.

As a reminder, please bear in mind and remember to place your reservations by calling +604-8811711 or email info.penang@hardrockhotels.net

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