Thai Festival 2013

A5 Thai Festival

Well, if you are reading this, no this is not a backdated post hence you are still in time for Thai Festival 2013! Yup, its all happening right now at Penang Time Square’s carpark. I actually just got back and am so freakin’ bloated now! Its just like Little Thailand in Penang. It ranges from handicrafts to food. Can you imagine?

I arrived at about 6pm, with people flooding the stage.
 photo IMG_3755_zps423b4f0f.jpg

The arrival of CM Lim Guan Eng.
 photo IMG_3756_zps1cd060ef.jpg photo IMG_3758_zps42fb92eb.jpg

… with CM Lim Guan Eng giving an opening speech
 photo IMG_3765_zpsd40716c4.jpg

We then left the stage to visit the stalls and here comes all the Thai delicacies under one roof.
 photo IMG_3767_zpsea973d58.jpg

This lady here is making Ikan Bukus, its like deep fried otak-otak and I feel in love with it on my first bite. Really! Its very nice! So please don’t miss this out. Three more days for you to drop by and try the food available.
 photo IMG_3774_zps3ba4981f.jpg

Yea, I was with my sis, acting tourist all. (=.=!!)
 photo IMG_3769_zps6f678ca4.jpg

There were many stalls, perhaps too many for me to choose which one stomach can’t fit all.
 photo IMG_3770_zps5bcfb3e6.jpg

I definitely won’t miss out the Thai tomyum! Awesome!Now that you don’t have to travel far for a good bowl of tomyum.
 photo IMG_3776_zps0b3c6a7a.jpg

One of the stalls that caught my attention was this. This guy was making Milo Ais Tarik for me and I was later entertained with his 360 degrees turnings and dance while tariking the Milo! Amazed, totally!
 photo IMG_3781_zps41b45847.jpg

Chicken rice turn out to be good too!
 photo IMG_3786_zpsff8feff5.jpg

Yea thats me, about to pop that ikan bukus into my mouth then Xher snapped a pic of me. Haha, noticed I just snipped my hair? Perhaps this is the first pic after I cut it off yesterday.
 photo IMG_3787_zpsc95f5fc2.jpg

I then dropped by at the non-eateries corner, where by there were many types of item sold, mostly Thai handicrafts.
Massage, anyone?
 photo IMG_3788_zps0289f3d6.jpg

I always love bags! Such nice handbags can be used at most occasions!
 photo IMG_3791_zps1e9a0626.jpg

… and I caught this lady choosing handbags already!
 photo IMG_3794_zpsd3b32cb2.jpg photo IMG_3792_zps1b8c8d9c.jpg

Fridge magnets which are made of rubber seeds and palm seeds. So super creative can!
 photo IMG_3793_zpse17860ac.jpg

Oh, ya! There were massage oil sold as well.
 photo IMG_3795_zps7338166b.jpg

So, its time to drop them a visit! They will be there from June 6th – June 10th, 2013, 10am to 11pm at Penang Time Square’s Carpark!

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3 Responses to Thai Festival 2013

  1. Ken says:

    cepat-nya~ 😛

  2. Hong says:

    the ikan bukus aka thai fish cake~~ i miss that!!!!

  3. ahlost says:

    food i love best is still their tomyam aahhh !!! Miss thailand 🙁

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