Hennessy Artistry 2013 @ SPICE, Penang

I was so busy partying my weekends off and the one happened in SPICE, Penang was crazily awesome! I have a bunch of crazy people, who filled the dance floor and sway as if they are home! This is what I call an awesome party! A night where you can have most of your friends, enjoying the Art of Mixing from Hennessy while having rocking dJs in the house. Of course, they blew the roof off!

My bunch of blogger friends, Henry & Christer. photo SAM_1439_zps34efed7c.jpg

while 24Herbs already started the “yumseng” session. When I met them in the morning at the Meet & Greet Session, I didn’t know that they can rap so well! They are from HongKong and hence Cantonese rap they did! photo SAM_1395_zps4d1712f4.jpg

 All glam up for the party and very well done indeed. The emcee for the night’s party was Julie Woon. I then spotted a 24Herbs die hard fan. Oh yes. Very enthusiastic and all in!  photo SAM_1385_zps2cd783dc.jpg

Along the way, I met JangHeng. What a great party, which turn out to be a reunion too 🙂

 photo SAM_1447_zps19b7507f.jpg

Hennessy Mixing Bar is again giving the experience on mixing any of the four signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks ; Hennessy Citrus, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger, and Hennessy Apple.

*fellow colleagues, Anjoe & Eric. photo SAM_1443_zps2e2c97fe.jpg

* with Anjoe. Lovely lady who loves baking cakes photo SAM_1442_zps094cbe8c.jpg

while I was busy moving around greeting all my friends, there were sexy ladies dancing on the stage. Party-goers were very well entertained. photo SAM_1434_zpsa59d781e.jpg

… and oh hi, Harold! Good to see you here! 😉 photo photo3_zps1b506140.jpg

wooolala! The not-to-be-missed, Andy Murphy, who performed that night. My oh my, he spins so well. Everything about him is just so fine! Why?! photo photo2_zps0d2dbeaa.jpg

 photo SAM_1433_zpsd90283f5.jpg

Not to be missed, Dennis Lau and Alexis Chean entertained the crowd too and the collaborations between both was great! photo SAM_1424_zps83abf8a8.jpg

It started off with Dennis Lau’s solo before Alexis pumped the night further!

 photo SAM_1415_zps78e0de96.jpg

I just can’t get my eyes off Andy Murphy. Really! photo SAM_1429_zpsd13ffeff.jpg

Alexis performed a set with Andy too. photo SAM_1420_zps1817fe53.jpg

Guess you guys have been seeing us partying together quite often now. Party people 🙂  photo SAM_1369_zps537152fe.jpg

… and of course, we won’t miss out Chris and Vivian in such awesome party! photo SAM_1366_zpseda71ec4.jpg

*Brandon, my foodie buddie photo SAM_1365_zps7e2c3bc0.jpg

* with Barry & JJ photo SAM_1364_zps980cb9d6.jpg

* IsaacTan, my baby kimchi’s poison! photo photo1_zps65fcca50.jpg

* the charming Ashleigh photo photo2_zps54107b7e.jpg

What a great night, I met so many , many people in the few hours! Hennessy did it again! Such a huge party but very well organised!

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  1. ahlost says:

    Argh.. People in Penang so so so lucky.. Hennessy.. why you no come kuching?? 🙁

    The guy in the last picha so goodlooking wei .. haha..

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