Chivas Night Magnum @ Sixty9ine Mansion

The journey to Batu Ferringhi was madness, all cuz it has only one way to get there and there are a few events happening with parallel to Chivas Night Magnum. Yet, I still choose to be there 🙂

To Sixty9ine Mansion it is!

 photo SAM_1472_zps7865926b.jpg

So the so called tattoo looks nice on my back imprinted with the brand Chivas, right? Its a body-tattoo, obviously, airbrush anyway… it would be great if its a matte black!

 photo SAM_1478_zps2cfa3efe.jpg

The process of airbrushing is fun. The pressure and the sensation on my back feels like a therapy. You should try! But in the end I burst out laughing cuz it was ticklish. photo SAM_1480_zps6b899c37.jpg

So, I caught Andrew doing it too just that he does not have a bareback like I do 😛 photo SAM_1481_zpsf940b043.jpg

Here we go! The sexy bottle of newly launched Chivas, 1.5litre at only RM 688 nett! photo SAM_1482_zps8b834a46.jpg photo SAM_1484_zps4e3c7308.jpg photo SAM_1483_zpsa7d7b0a2.jpg

 The silver girls.

 photo SAM_1486_zps26c46f35.jpg photo SAM_1491_zpsbbaf51a9.jpg

The one thing I like about Sixty9ine Mansion would be it has a confined area which furnished with air-condition, a wet area and the sandy bay! photo SAM_1493_zps47ca1772.jpg

I think JiaSheng has constantly being my partner in crime. Its always him and the sexy bottle of liquor and surrounded by sexy ladies in my pictures. (=.=!!) photo SAM_1496_zpse9265db1.jpg

And when alcohol kicks in, he will turn into a superhero wannabe. photo SAM_1499_zps0e5f3c0e.jpg photo SAM_1502_zpsb35720fe.jpg photo SAM_1503_zps7716012e.jpg

He is always happier than I do. photo SAM_1504_zps059343db.jpg

… in a while, you will notice that all their hands are wide open just cuz they wanna show off their Chivas tatts too! Well, the free flow started from 10pm and ended at 11.30pm. A bit too short, no? photo SAM_1507_zpsc2d8ffac.jpg  photo SAM_1508_zps7e0de8ed.jpg  photo SAM_1510_zps5c1e40a3.jpg

… and my bunch of party people! photo SAM_1513_zps4e48db63.jpg photo SAM_1515_zpse273fa45.jpg

 My all time party kakis photo SAM_1516_zpse1b2e6f0.jpg

ohh yea… and they have this game which got me so busy catching balls. photo photo5_zpsf45bbc5f.jpg

* with JJ photo photo2_zps72794abb.jpg

and my awesome partner in crime, always a great friend 😀 photo photo3_zps91b29d58.jpg

#just me

 photo photo1_zpsd58d19a6.jpg

The Chivas Regal range of Scotch whiskies!

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  1. all your photos no me one T_T

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