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I don’t have much knowledge on wine. I usually take them when I am out with friends who probably know wine better than I do. Tonight turned out to be an eventful night when I got to learn so much over a dinner.Photobucket

Oh, well. An invite from Eastin Hotel was a great lesson for me, perhaps, it turns out more like a class rather than dinner. I got so much to learn, from table manners to pairing wine! Yes, I didn’t know that we gotta pair wine with our dish. I thought you just get what you want for your main course and just order your favourite wine and that’s about it. I was simply, totally wrong. What an embarrassment! But, it would be an embarrassment worth to learn.Photobucket

The Eastin Hotel and The Wine Shop actually held a Wine Maker’s Night at one of the ballroom at Eastin Hotel. I was one of the fortunate one who get to enjoy and to be honest, it was a night for me to learn about wine pairing! It is priced at RM280 nett for each pax, served with 7-course set dinner with pairing wine from Chile and South Australia.


With my name on it!Photobucket

Luis Felipe Edwards Pupilla Sauvignon Blanc, white wine, hailing from Chile is the lightest wine to pair with seared scallop. Lightest colour, smoothest wine with 12% of alcohol.

 photo DSC_0958_zps941406c7.jpg photo DSC_0947.jpg

Saltram Makers Table Sauvignon Blanc is made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape with green coloured skin with a dry finish. photo DSC_0959_zps1ab8cf25.jpg

 photo DSC_0952.jpg

 photo DSC_0949.jpg

 photo DSC_0961_zps36f5a75b.jpg

 photo DSC_0945.jpg

 photo DSC_0960_zpsb13db4f7.jpg

Maker’s Table
 photo DSC_0962_zps5626b80c.jpg

A glass of wine to kick off the night. photo DSC_0963_zpscf067dda.jpg

Michael Low, from the Wine Shop gave a welcome speech along with some introductions to the various wines and how to pair them.  photo DSC_0944.jpg

I am delighted for being able to try the range below and the night started with light to full body and followed by red wine. photo DSC_0954.jpg

 Chocolate and wine can go well too!

 photo DSC_0985_zpsff29f810.jpg
 photo DSC_0984_zps387ff5f2.jpg
 photo DSC_0982_zps2f1c05d0.jpg
 photo DSC_0981_zps71f8be31.jpg

 Its just a matter of knowing how. photo DSC_0978_zps2e936bee.jpg

 photo DSC_0976_zps21aa96eb.jpg

 photo DSC_0972_zpsbf131c13.jpg
 photo DSC_0969_zps623343d5.jpg
 photo DSC_0965_zpsd79c6248.jpg


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