Myanmar 09/12: Sule Pagoda

Roaming around town on foot is indeed tiring. But that’s the only way where I can see what I wanna see. The locals, culture and the people. We can hardly see rundown buses back in my country.
 photo DSC_0192_zps1023f741.jpg

or neither siblings walking on the street together. Kids nowadays have all luxuries to themselves but not all.  photo DSC_0178_zps63bd3d9d.jpg

Some needs to sell under the hot sun just for a meal or two, not just to feed themselves but the entire family. It can be 5 or 6 pax or maybe more.  photo DSC_0176_zpsd49b2b88.jpg

… and you are still able to see people walking barefooted. Perhaps, their culture. photo DSC_0172_zpsfd9ff8ce.jpg photo DSC_0142_zps39ef1b80.jpg photo DSC_0143_zpsc9ba9568.jpg

Some would wanna find peace, follow the path and you shall find it.  photo DSC_0141_zps962a9ef3.jpg

 In Burma, these are the things you buy to offer in a temple. It does look different compared to all we are seeing here. Yet again, you still can find this in Burmese temples in Penang 😛 photo DSC_0130_zpsab74e4f6.jpg

For a moment, the time pause for me, to observe and to appreciate what I have. photo DSC_0127_zps02b16dc7.jpg

The weather was burning hot. Very, very hot. photo DSC_0125_zps085151ea.jpg

Anyway, if you intend to visit Sule Pagoda, there’s huge sign boards you may follow. Rule #1 when you’re traveling, open your mouth and ask!

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  1. Hong says:

    where is the Sule Pagoda?

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