GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s

The anticipation of partying had somewhat stopped lately until St. Patrick’s Day approached. Not like I have stopped partying for good, just that there is nothing out there as interesting. But when the invitation to party with these bunch of green buddies, I just couldn’t hesitate to say no. What more when this is a month long celebration throughout Peninsula and East Malaysia.

Saint Patrick’s Day is actually a cultural religious holiday celebrated on March 17. Thus, in Ireland, parades and festivals are coded with shamrocks or green attires. Now, it makes much sense why this whole event is in GREEN which for many might not know about this and celebrated just at it is.

Perhaps, it was just last weekend when SOHO Free House at Upper Penang Road was invaded by these greenies! Yes, feathery buskers, Irish Dancers and many, many funny green friends!

Anyway, the highlight of the night for me aside from the green friends is … I am hired as the next bartender in town!! photo IMG_0476_zpsf2dc7083.jpg

I was guided.

 photo IMG_0484_zpse37d1ed4.jpg

Check out my sifu and my smooth looking Guinness! photo IMG_0490_zps1eb429ab.jpg

Check it out! I have a Guinness so smooth that it looks like a root beer with a vanilla ice-cream on top!

 photo IMG_0487_zps0ff458b7.jpg

I have a bartender friend too 😛
 photo IMG_0481_zps12ece58e.jpg

okayy. Obviously I am lying, look at that face, my hands were shaking when I was holding the glass and lesson number one is I need to tilt the glass 45 degrees and dispense from keg in the straight-up position until it touches the vector and obviously the all out gassing will accumulate to the bubbles which then we need to let it rest for 119.5 seconds! I know right! I did not time but it takes roughly 2 minutes. Then, push the keg forward to fill your glass with the smooth foaming layer… and now, a smooth glass of draught is served, its all about taste and texture!

 photo IMG_0491_zps8082dead.jpg

Well, I ain’t such a bad bartender afterall! 😛

The official launch.
 photo IMG_0516_zps382e7831.jpg photo 20130309_213809_zpsb49bd2e7.jpg photo IMG_0521_zps8c775e61.jpg photo IMG_0514_zpse7bf5f25.jpg

My fellow media!

 photo IMG_0522_zps446cb65a.jpg

The party kicked started with the bunch of Irish dancers with catchy music playing on the back ground!
 photo 20130309_212238_zpsd8d79bc6.jpg
 photo 20130309_212249_zpsbab77dea.jpg
 photo IMG_0505_zpsbd80fb0a.jpg
 photo IMG_0506_zps5b779fbf.jpg

Can you spot one of our green buddy?
 photo 20130309_212941_zpsbe1e0776.jpg

… and obviously I have a friend who is enjoying himself.
 photo 20130309_214808_zps8e03ec1c.jpg

Oh, yeah … and my turn to spam this post with my own pics 😛 photo 20130309_215334_zpsc1d02a1c.jpg photo 20130309_222021_zps6fd7b1bf.jpg

Cody as the emcee for the night! photo IMG_0494_zps17f1491d.jpg

 photo 20130309_221930_zpsb46b4662.jpg photo 20130309_223548_zpsf98f81e8.jpg

with Mr Green man! photo 20130309_223844_zps99879b08.jpg

For those who don’t know, follow us on Twitter ( #MarchMoreFun ) for all happenings around! photo 20130309_215500_zpse602ed9f.jpg

Anyway, holla over to to grab your free tickets and catch the latest party in town!

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  1. Hannah says:

    booze booze lotsa booze!

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