Chef Petr’s Catch, Sarkies at Eastern & Oriental Hotel

This round, I have some awesome good stuff to share with you guys. Okay, be this one of my favourite, or probably many others! photo DSC_0892_zpsb52121e9.jpg photo DSC_0959_zps66a85440.jpg

Okay. If you are wondering what kind of awesome good stuff? Well, the actual price for the seafood buffet would be RM110++/Adults and RM48++/Child. Lucky you as readers of this blog are entitled for an awesome deal. You just need to pay RM80++/Adults and RM38++/Child. But before that happens, you gotta spend a few minutes to do some “homework” before you are entitled for that awesome great deal.

Just follow the steps below. All you need to do is:

1) Print screen the Sarkies’ Chef Petr’s Catch banner with this blog’s URL

petr catch online promo 300x300px FA

2) Print it out
3) Dial +604-222 2000 (ext 3601 / 3602) before 24th April 2013 to make a reservation.
4) One print out for one pax only.

The Sarkies’ Seafood Buffet Dinner Extravaganza only happens on every Wednesday till April 24th, 2013. This deal is only limited to the first 80 people who perform the above steps! *Terms and Conditions apply.

Well, on a self preference wise, you can opt to dine outdoor to enjoy the sea breeze at this classy restaurant. photo DSC_0891_zps8dbe9831.jpg

… and the first thing which I have spotted when I entered was this tall Christmas tree look-a-like filled with doughnuts and cupcakes! Sweet tooth lovers, they are all yours! photo DSC_0895_zpscf11ccaf.jpg

Sugar was used as the base.
 photo DSC_0897_zps5f4771b6.jpg

Right, lets set aside the dessert. The main course itself it crazily impressive! So many options, so confused, knowing not which to have first but all I have is time! 😀 Hence, I shall slowly have it all, one at a time.

 photo DSC_0899_zps560aa46f.jpg

My favourite part of the buffet. photo DSC_0905_zps06f38ca2.jpg

Cheesey stuff! photo DSC_0906_zpsb452dcf7.jpg

Imported Alaska Snow Crab. Our first time having those … and it taste a tad bit of saltiness and sweetness at the same time. Its a mixture that I would claim nice. photo DSC_0958_zps16336e3d.jpg photo DSC_0960_zps94d48b80.jpg

It might look easy, but it took me a while.

My all time favourite salmon freshly served. photo DSC_0900_zps87693748.jpg photo DSC_0901_zps7c343826.jpg photo DSC_0902_zps19a34a12.jpg

Seafood lovers, now its your haven! photo DSC_0903_zps90d56d48.jpg photo DSC_0920_zps86246459.jpg

There’s also a mini sushi bar for those Japs lovers. photo DSC_0922_zps6c5e735f.jpg

Not that I am a vegetarian now and even so, it won’t happen overnight. I actually fell in love with salad and they are simply addictive! The best part is, you can hardly find healthy food especially green to be addictive 😉 photo DSC_0924_zps6ccf2762.jpg photo DSC_0928_zpsc0d2bf78.jpg photo DSC_0929_zpsa8f5d04a.jpg photo DSC_0937_zps1e1e8b2e.jpgThe Sushi Bar and the Salad Bar is just next to each other. photo DSC_0940_zps912e5ec0.jpg photo DSC_0941_zps92492365.jpg

When it comes to dessert, Xherlyn and I both went bonkers! Everything looks good! photo DSC_0944_zps8447aec5.jpg photo DSC_0946_zps415511f8.jpg

and another thing is there are so many choices which I don’t even know which to go for!
 photo DSC_0947_zps35a961fb.jpg
 photo DSC_0951_zps368779be.jpg

That’s Chef Petr, the one who got all the scrumptious dinner ready!
 photo DSC_0956_zps1a24925c.jpg photo DSC_0957_zps2c3e7996.jpg
Little did I know there were a little corner for crepe. You just need to place your order on the quantity and the rest, you will need to finish it. Just like mine, I deco it myself 😛

 photo DSC_0961_zpsc658e329.jpg

Spoilt with choices, ended up, one each baybehh!
 photo DSC_0962_zps4b12fa7b.jpg

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Add: 10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-222 2000
Business Hours: 7.00pm-10.30pm (only on Wednesday if you want to go for Chef Petr’s Catch)

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