Chiangmai 06/12: Waking Up in Bamboo Nest

Just when I don’t feel like leaving bed. The night before was a little sleepless, but I managed to doze off soon after as I was exhausted. But, waking up to such beautiful view, it was indeed a relieve. photo DSC_0379.jpg

I could really hear the birds chirping, I was just so far away from the concrete jungle.

 photo DSC_0380.jpg

To play safe, I actually kept the bottle of water and biscuits which was distributed in the bus during my journey from Chiangmai, well, just in case I really need food. And yes, the Green Bus I took actually distributed them without any extra charges. photo DSC_0381.jpg

When I saw the bananas, Nok told me, bananas are on the house. I somewhat sensed that she knows I love bananas! photo DSC_0382.jpg

Check out my pre-ordered breakfast 😛 photo DSC_0393.jpg

Which is served with fruits! This is why I love Thailand so much. photo DSC_0394.jpg photo DSC_0395.jpg

To be honest, I was kinda reluctant to move about. I was staying at the hill top and to head out, it will take my entire day. So, before heading out, I took my own sweet time for some photos of my new home for the three days. photo DSC_0397.jpg photo DSC_0396.jpg photo DSC_0399.jpg photo DSC_0398.jpg

My bamboo nest. photo DSC_0437.jpg

The splendid view. Writing this and looking back at those pictures is making me wanting to head back again. photo DSC_0438.jpg photo DSC_0453.jpg photo DSC_0454.jpg photo DSC_0451.jpg

… and new friends. I miss them much! photo DSC_0461.jpg photo DSC_0455.jpg

Beautiful flowers blooming wildly. photo DSC_0462.jpg

I needed to walk to the car as we parked it at the village. photo DSC_0465.jpg

… which some scenes just not too common in where I originated 🙂 photo DSC_0478.jpg photo DSC_0475.jpg

A small chapel within the village. photo DSC_0479.jpg photo DSC_0480.jpg photo DSC_0481.jpg

… and I realised that my existence were noticed. photo DSC_0482.jpg

There we go! My ride for the day! photo DSC_0484.jpg photo DSC_0485.jpg

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