Hatyai 01/2013

A summary of the little hiatus

Doing the annual thing, paying the little town a visit.
Time flies and it seemed that we have some what fallen for Thailand. Fortunately, the queue was so-so. 
While the boys were busy with plabuk at the pond, we were pampering ourselves. Shopping indeed!
Dinner at Log Terrace, overseeing sunset.Photobucket

Blessed having the crazy crew on board.Photobucket

The dessert I ever wanted to try! Finally! Though the lady boss looks pretty scary and stern, but her glutinous balls are kickass awesome! No lies!



This is just part of the crew at Niqolo, which is a café cum art gallery.Photobucket


Coffee art invaded Thailand too!Photobucket

Not to be missed, foot massage!Photobucket

Tried the McThai’s sundae! Another not-to-be-missed dessert!PhotobucketPhotobucket

The awesome sticky mango rice, simply finger licking good.Photobucket

Some candid shot from some crazy crew!Photobucket

Short trip, lethargic, crazy and awesome Hatyai. Nuff’ said!

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