Hard Rock Hotel: Foam Partehhhhhh with Leng Yein!

I used to shower in bubble bath when I was little and I still love showering in bubble bath till now. But this time its not showering in bubble bath, its having fun in lotsa, lotsa foam!

If you ever do that at home, mummy is gonna scold 🙁 but you can do it at Hard Rock, just cuz YOU CAN! … and … having those kinda fun with Leng Yein! Hard Rock Hotel foam party with dJ Leng Yein!


Yes! Party started!20130110-215129.jpg

Fun in foam? Yes, my first …


Partner in crime.

Pretty much daring for having my phone in the crowd 😉


Meet Andrew!20130112-004129.jpg

IMG_8300 IMG_8293

Syokness! Covered in foam.20130112-004239.jpg20130112-004213.jpg

Partial “baby-sitting” the kid -.-20130112-004308.jpg

It took me a while before I realise that, that is me in the picture.


Looks like, a picture of the three of us will usually be taken in parties and nowhere else.20130112-004431.jpg

He looks SCARY!20130112-004501.jpg

JJ in the houz!20130112-004532.jpg

Makes me feel like a kid all over again!20130112-004644.jpg20130112-004611.jpg

… stop peeking!20130112-004710.jpg

Wanna drop by? Foam parties will be available only at Hard Rock Hotel Penang, once a month and that will be every first Saturday of the month. 🙂

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3 Responses to Hard Rock Hotel: Foam Partehhhhhh with Leng Yein!

  1. Hong C. Wern says:

    yeah!! I’m the partner in crime..well i guess your ip4 still working well..hehehe..
    that certainly rawks..thanx a lot for the invitation!
    The Nativity of Christ Cathedral

  2. yean says:

    1 of the best party i’ve ever been too!! enjoy myself to d max

  3. grace chiam says:

    nice one em

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