Hard Rock Hotel Penang: Rock To Rock Run 2012

I know right, but it does caught my attention when it was open for registration. I thought it might be cool to participate in the Rock To Rock Run this year. My first time and I know it is gonna be another kick-ass event from Hard Rock Hotel Penang this coming weekend!

It was pouring buffaloes and cows today but I made my way to collect my “5772”! No, its not a 4D number or perhaps it can be. Maybe you can try your luck if you win something, do let me know 🙂

Know what? I am in love the the shirt itself!!!! This sounded crazy, wait, no! Its not crazy at all.

Let’s run in the the name of Rock!

Hashtag : #RockRun ; #SeeTheShow @HardRockHotelPg

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