Din Tao 阵头: Leader Of The Parade

Din Tao: Leader Of The Parade will be in Malaysian Cinemas on 17 May 2012! And yes, I just watched it! I had hell a great time laughing (really loudly) in the cinema! The premiere screening was hosted by my favourable cineplex, TGV Cinemas at 1st Avenue Mall Penang.

Best part of the premiere today would be there was a meet and greet session with the lead cast Alan Kuo, Lin Yu-Hsuan and famed director Feng Kai. Oh, yeah! I didn’t believe my eyes too!

Managed to grab my friends along for the premiere too and I’m glad they enjoyed it as well.

The performance at the concourse area of 1st Avenue Mall.

Check this out:

Frankly I stepped into the cinema knowing not what to expect out of this movie but there is one thing that Feng Kai ensured us before the premiere started. He said, all of us in the cinema hall will leave with a happy face… and yes, it happened to most of us I could tell! On top of that, you will feel like wanting to pick up drumming once you step out of the cinema ; okay, at least I felt that way.

Directed by: Feng Kai 冯凯
Starring: Allen Ko (柯有倫) as A-tai, Alien Huang (黃鴻升) as A-hsien, Chen Po-cheng (陳博正) as Uncle Da, SAMANTHA KO (柯淑勤) as Aunt Da
Language: Hoklo [commonly known as Taiwanese] and Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles
Running time: 123 minutes
Ratings: 8/10

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3 Responses to Din Tao 阵头: Leader Of The Parade

  1. Hong C. Wern says:

    come on! it should be 8.5/10..this was the my first time watching a taiwanese film and at first I had some doubt. But after the movie..well it’s truly awesome, entertaining and most of the hilarious! Highly recommended and well it taught us a lesson of don’t judge the book by its cover..

  2. Going to watch it soon !!

  3. Maxloon120 says:

    This movie is in my going to watch list 😛

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