Converse: Acts of Disruption

A Saturday night with some head-banging session with our local bands brought to you Converse! A party was thrown over the heart of heritage area in a pre-war house.

NonserviaM, Nao, Rain, Coma, Muze and Si-de are all involved in this tour covering Penang, Selangor, Melaka, Johor and lastly, Kuala Lumpur.That’s Zeon of NonserviaM in action 😀

You just gotta watch this! Ohh yea. I’m in love with the artsy fartsy people! Look at this! Its simply awesome! In the heart of the UNESCO site!

My first time to such head banging session but oh well, it managed to keep my feet stamping too. 😛 Pretty awesome can! Catch them in your city!

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