Future Music Festival Asia 2012!

OMG! Seriously! I think this would be my first ever time being in such a huge rave partehhh! How I wish they could to have MORE of this in a year yet, I think I am way too far from my dreams! Pffft! It was a big booooooooooooom! Little did I expected that Future Music Festival Asia 2012 would be so cool!

Well, it was random enough when I was presented with TWO exclusive First Class passes worth RM388 each by Echosphere a couple of weeks back. A lone ranger like me? I never thought I could bring anyone with me until I randomly brought this up and a crazy friend of mine nodded and said, “Why not?”  …and hence, the two crazy women drove all the way to Sepang International Circuit to unleash the beasts in us! LOL! I’ve got all the accom settled, only that we were not familiar and GPS was our bestest friend we ever had. Yes it was! Didn’t really pack my stuff for this mini roadtrip though and I really do not know what to expect. All I know is, I’ll be seeing Flo Rida, Flooooorrridaaaaa and FLORIDA!

We first got ourselves checked in, and took a short nap before heading out for the grand festival.

I just feel safe with the tickets in my hands 😛


A huge thanks to Livescape Asia, Future Entertainment Australia and Tourism Malaysia for making this happen!

Guess what? The time was right when we reached. 😀 *jeng jeng jeng* Its FLORIDA! He is da man who brought down the house and got our booty shaking, having our hands in the air.

I casually put on a tshirt, somewhat it feels like I have too much cloth covering myself and I stumbled upon this man! 😀

Dance with us!!!

Look at those excited face when Florida was just too busy rocking the house, we couldn’t stop ourselves from swaying is bumps. 

Two less lonely people in the world!

 Guess what?! See who is before my eyes?!

Indeed awesome!

How can you miss this out in rave parteeeeeeez like this?


As the sun goes down, the party got merrier!

Topping up to our lanyard collection!

What a fantabulous day!

More, please?! 😀

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2 Responses to Future Music Festival Asia 2012!

  1. Wabbit says:

    How I wish I can join in the fun 😀

  2. want to be a part of such fun loving environment.

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