Ever heard of JONFACTORY.COM? I never did too, until I stumbled upon it while I was looking for wedding premium goods (aka wedding favors). JONFACTORY.COM had exactly what I was looking for. Their collection featured 7 designer wedding candles which were petite in size and delicately pretty. Wedding Favors are an essential component of a successful wedding celebration, as it symbolizes the love of the romantic wedding couple and it allows the guests to leave the night with a nice piece of memory. “Definitely longer lasting than a piece of chocolate.”

JONFACTORY.COM assures its customers that its well-designed products are only of high quality, and yet very affordable in price.

The current Collection of Wedding Favors available include:

The Platinum Chariot /    The Darlings  / Enchanting Spiral   / Rose Pillar   / Ball of Rose   / Cake of Hearts   / Doves in Love

Guess what?!

JONFACTORY.COM is looking for Re-Sellers to join them in selling these 7 beautiful products. I’m sure everyone can afford some spare time to earn a little extra money. It would also be great if you have an online store where you can actually do a cross trade with JONFACTORY.COM!

They will control the difficult issues in quality control & holding costs, therefore you have nothing to worry about, at all.

Aside from these Wedding Favors that JONFACTORY.COM distribute, they also have decorative table lamps. One of which is  Annysia (the Precious Virgin Angel). It is 24-inches in height with twin-bulb tulip petals lamp, and it is actually beautifully hand-crafted & delicately hand-painted. The best part of this lamp would be its special water feature whereby there is water flowing in multi directions through 3 layers of craftwork. Amazing, no?!


Alina the Musical Flower Fairy 

My Fair Lady

Do feel free to reach JONFACTORY at:

27-A-B, JALAN 17/45,

Telephone: +603 7955 7888 /
Fax: +603 7955 6908

Information: Chat Systems;
SKYPE: : / SMS +6012 205 6669

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  1. Cheryl Lim says:

    We would like to inquary can we custom make our own design for the candle?
    What is the min order? How much per piece?
    How long it would take?


    Hello Cheryl,

    1. We have all the candles in stock at the moment. The price will vary depending on how many you need. Is there one you like in our collection at all ? Delivery is immediately available.

    2. Yes we can try to custom make your candle, can you provide us the design?
    We will only be able to provide further information once we get the design.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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