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Considering that I will definitely bump into new pictures in other blogs as there were over a hundred and thirty bloggers present, hence this would be the part of What A Bloggiful World’s event held in Paradise Hotel, Tanjung Bungah last Sunday. This also means that, there are more pictures from other bloggers’ site. It started with a bang! Really! As part of the organiser, many things happened unpredictably and beyond our expectations. Fortunately, we were able to handle it and well, everything turned out to be great. Therefore, to all who attended the event, hug yourself and give yourself a round of applause for helping us to make this event a successful one. On the other hand, what are events without pictures? Hence, we also need to thank our official photographer, Charles for helping us so much to capture the fun and exciting moments we had on Sunday. But I still haven’t got the pictures from him. Hence, I am gonna blog based on the pictures I took with my camera.

Well, we were there a few hours earlier before the event started.
And . . . . .
The place looks so beautiful *obviously* compared to the day before.


CH and aL happily ber-scandal!
Note CH’s hair. Say bye bye to cauliflower and welcome the cactus!

aL chose to ditch Starwalk and be at the event! 🙂


I still like the backdrop! It somehow look so angelic!


After months of planning and all the hard work we put into this event, I believe we deserve such a huge crowd on that day. A big thank you to all who attended especially my course mates and high school mates who are so supportive!
It was such a coincident that Minny and I wore something alike. Close yet not the same.

[Minny (Co-Emcee) & I]

We have balloons!
You want?


The youngest blogger in our event, Wendy!


not to forget, our official photographer, CharlesKey!

Don’t you think he is simply good looking?
Well, to all the babes out there who are interested, *ahems* drop me an e-mail if you wanna know more about him!

Well, the event was supposed to start at 12pm SHARP. Due to Malaysian timing, the entire thing started at 1pm. *roll eyes* While waiting for the rest of the bloggers, Wendy got squashed by the balloons!


[Carol & Wendy]

and well, here comes our very emcee of the day, Ceddy!


Anyway, I was occupied at all times. I was supposed to get all the goodie bags ready for Chee Hsien in order to give them out to the bloggers upon registration. Though slotting an envelope into the goodie bags might sound easy but slotting them into over a hundred and thirty is NOT. So, you guys out there, please appreciate the envelopes in your goodie bags. LMAO!

Both of them on stage!


A speech from Mr.William Tan of Paradise Hotel.


and after Warren’s speech, the event kick-started with 3 consecutive dances from one of our sponsors, Celebrity Fitness. First, it started with Belly Dance. WOAHH! We have sexehh ladies in our event!



STOP DROOLING please! Your gonna wet your keyboard!
Next, would be Body Combat, also from Celebrity Fitness!


and a Hip Hop Dance as the third!

Note: The first and the third dancers are my high school friends =) Jo & Jing!


After the opening dance, everyone on the floor were invited for the scrumptious buffet lunch sponsored by Paradise Hotel.


As a token of appreciation, we presented an Exabytes Hosting to the YB.
As you can see, the committees are all there =)


For this event, we have prepared games and quizzes for the participants.
Here, we asker 3 bloggers to describe their blogs.
First was Diese. I admire her for her bravery!
You go, gurl!


Then followed by =.= Ernest!
He told us that he was inspired by Smashpop‘s blog thats why he now has one.


Last but not least, the third blogger who shared with us about her blog =)


Wow! I admire all your courages! I think I might have stage fright if I were called upon to speak in front of the crowd! *OI! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!*

Anyway, I ordered the cake few days back.
A cake to celebrate all the December babies! Yeah… and I wish my birthday falls in December. Unfortunately I am not! *ishh! not fair. cries*
Warren and I headed to the bakery and customized a cake which look like that:


with candles lighted! WOW!


Surprisingly, YB is also born in the month of December!
and now we have all the December babies on stage!


[Oh, Alvin! Don’t be afraid! We don’t bite!]


While they were making their wishes, bananas stole my attention!
Oh, no! Its not the December babies’ present!


Basically, I ended up eating bananas! =.=

See Ralph! He is drooling over the cake already, checking out if the cake has any ketiak bii!

The COLLEGE gang!

[L-R: Ketiak, Sherlyn, Wendy, millymin.com, JJ, Alvin, Minde & Charles]

Well, if you’re wondering what was served, lemme share with you =)
Appetizer :

Selections of Fresh Garden Greens
With Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot
and Onion Ring

Kerabu Magga with Cashewnuts

Chicken Pineapple Salad




Cream of Mushroom Soup

Bread Rolls and Butter

Ayam Masak Merah

Mutton Varuval

Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Deep Fried Beancurd with Minced Chicken & Spring Onions

Loh Han Chai

Fried Glass Noodle Thai Style

Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise

Steamed Rice

arghh! Thinking about food now makes me drool!

In the next game, we have 10 participants up on stage and we made them pick a task randomly. Well, it was their luck!


These girls look as if they just received their SPM results! LMAO!


First and foremost, we started with Alton!
He was supposed to make they Angelina Jolie’s signature lips!
*ouch* Did he screw it up?


While everyone pay full attention on the stage, I was at another end cam-whoring =)

[Suki & I]
I suppose he is the tallest guy I have ever met! Seriously!

When I turned around looking at the stage, it was Ralph’s turn to do his thingy!
He was suppose to act it out, how to make spaghetti but I believe if he really does, he definitely FAIL! Cuz he kept on stirring and stirring and stirring! What the?!?! The Ceddy altered the task a lil’ to making Roti Canai! Well, Ralph did it quite okayyy but at the end of the roti canai making, he added an EGG! Why EGG? It was supposed to be ROTI CANAI! . . . or ROTI TELUR now?

See Ralph holding his tummy, I think the food he made makes him tummy ache!
So, TRY NOT his food!

Next was Erica. Oh, my bestie is up on stage doing one of the 10 tasks for the RM50 DiGi Reload card! =) Haha! She was supposed to cam-whore and take 10 different poses!

She did it! Aboden!~
Pretty girls should be better at it! Self obsessed at the same time? No? HAHAHAHAHA!

Zeon! LMAO!
I don’t expect to see him on stage though! Even the youngest blogger was on stage, so . . . why not him?! Well he was suppose to tell us how to use RM50 credit wisely. There he goes, call only if its urgent, yadda yaddi!

Well, we had Lucky Draw as well! We gave out so many pressies sponsored by GSC, Celebrity Fitness, Baptain, DiGi & Exabytes at our sponsored venue, Paradise Hotel!

SO Family Photo.
I am not sure if this is the biggest SO Family Photo but I consider this BIG!
If you wanna be part of the Shout Out Family, don’t hesitate to log in to www.ShoutOutLounge.com!


Wendy is gonna fly I tell you!
So mannneeeee balloonssss!
If you notice, Ralph is at the left corner, looking so happy as well. Why?


Millymin & Minnylicious are having some time to themselves! Please excuse us! HAHAHAHA!~
We weren’t nude okayyy!


This was candid!


Finally I have some time to cam-whore a bit but when I get to cam-whore, everyone has gone back =(

[with my bitchy emcees]

[CH & I]

Ahhhh! Tak pakai baju! Pakai streamer!


Here comes the committee’s multiple super shots!


Like, Malaysian Dream Girl, no?!
Ok lor. Bloggiful Dream Girl!

The committees or shall I say the peeps behind the scene =)

[L-R: Chee Hsien, CharlesKey, aL, Ceddy, Minny, Emily & Warren]

St.George’s Girls’ School kaki!
[L-R: Emily, aL, Raani & Erica]

Once again! Thanks for coming!! I had a fabulous Sunday instead of sitting at home like a dungu! Well to all you bloggers’ out there, do send me my pictures (if you have any) to my e-mail at millymin86@gmail.com. Thanks again and see you in our next event =)
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