[PENANG]: The Memory Lane Mufe; Retroactive Museum & Cafe

Its always good to be home. Home means, so much of cafe hunting or perhaps exploring new cozy places for a gathering with friends and family. Stumbled on a nostalgic cafe which brings back much “back then” memories.

Back then, sundry shops look like this, where there are comic stands, biscuits and all other things which you can find in a small, compact shop.

The Memory Lane Mufe is a Retroactive Museum & Cafe, where you can dine in for a cup of kopi with toast and with a Retroactive Museum. It will cost RM5 per pax and here are some of the pictures to share.

Bet these are instagram worthy kinda pictures.  Well, if you are not afraid of the heat, you can always opt to sit outdoor. It does give you the nostalgic feel too 😉



Operation hours: 7:30am – 7:30pm
Contact: 04 229 3232
Address: 32, Jalan Service, 10050, Georgetown, Penang.

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[Penang]: Entopia, Teluk Bahang

Entopia was formerly known as Penang Butterfly Farm before the major face-lift, to the current Entopia.

It turns into an open concept where. The brand new Entopia now has lesser caged animals. There are dining area as well as learning corner, for kids in enhancing their knowledge of a butterfly’s life cycle.

Friends of Entopia: Where visitors can sign up as a member. 
Enjoy these privileges as a member:

  • Unlimited entries to Entopia for 365 days.
  • A 15% discount on food and beverage at Tapestree.
  • A 15% discount on selected items at the Entopia Store.
  • A 15% discount on entrance ticket purchases.
  • Discounts to our Nature Learning Programmes
  • Exclusive and early invitation to our Nature Awareness events, programmes and activities.
  • Meet and join Entopians and other Friends at The Atlas.
  • Join hands with Entopians to participate in Nature Conservation
  • Free nature activity kit (worth RM35.00)
  • Exclusive access to the members only lounge, The Atlas with free Wifi, coffee and tea.
  • Priority ticket redemption at the Edu Helpdesk counter.
    Membership Plans Per Annum Fee
    Single Adult MYR188.00
    Single Senior Citizen MYR108.00
    2 Adults + 1 Child MYR368.00
    2 Adults + 2 Children MYR398.00
    2 Adults + 3 Children MYR468.00

Tickets can be purchased online: ONLINE TICKETING depending on the day you will drop by. For those who are holding MYKAD, you will get to enjoy Special MYKAD rate at 10% off Normal Price. Note that you have to purchase your tickets 3 days in advance to be entitled for the discount. Aside from the Special MYKAD rate:

Entopia offers Penang Kia Day!

  • Enjoy Adult tickets at RM39 and Child tickets at RM23.
  • Promo is applicable for Penang residents on Wednesday only (inclusive of public holidays and school holidays).
  • Promo is applicable for WALK-IN only and proof of identification MUST be presented at the ticketing counters for verification purposes.
  • Not valid with other on-going promotions, offers, group purchases, events or functions.
  • Offer valid until 31 December 2017.


PHONE: (604)-8888-111

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5 Kicks You’ll Get Out Of Traveloka Hotel Booking

Booking hotels can be a huge hassle, from filtering for a reasonable price, to a strategic location, to a decent hotel to call home for a couple days. “Home away from home” fits in seamlessly when we can book a hotel online best with no physical interaction!

The million-dollar question arises when you are left with limited time to source for cheap hotels. Looking for hotels aren’t at all an easy task when it’s the first time visiting the place. Knowing not what to expect as pictures online can be deceiving and disappointing at the same time. To ease and cope with day to day life, Traveloka comes handy when you can conveniently conduct your hotel-hunt much easier than expected as it contains reviews and hotels are easy-to-book.

  1. Hotels are everywhere

Planning a trip? Well, we should do all the fundamental work; mainly hotel and flights, best when both comes cheap. This can be pretty taxing. Having said that, Traveloka will come handy as a one-stop-center dominating the Southeast Asia network for serving flight routes and hotel accommodations. With Traveloka, you will be able to find thousands of hotels available in a single destination furnished with short reviews and pictures of the insides of the rooms on each hotel complete with list of utilities and services offered by every hotel you can find near where you will be visiting. Importantly, the access to the exact price of the offers to avoid any hidden charges or charges which you may not be aware of prior to reservation. This is one of the key information which many other hotel booking sites deprive of.

2. What you see is what you will get

Its when “pictures are for illustration purposes only”. This is the point when you are unsure of what a hotel is or will be offering. Traveloka will play its part here. All the items listed mainly on hotel facilities and amenities in the respective hotels will be what you have opt for. Certain hotels provide breakfast meal while others do not. Certain hotels provide extra bed or pillows for free while others can be provided based on terms and condition or additional charges. Certain hotels contain private beaches while others would have to settle with public beaches several walks or drives ahead. These differences are sometimes left out from the customer’s knowledge by omitting it from the information details.

  1. Varieties make the world go round

We love options, be it a different kind of mix from price to location to amenities of a hotel offers. Traveloka fits in when it takes charge of your preference, by suiting your travel needs. Traveloka provides a wide range of varieties; need a gym or swimming pool to burn some calories after stuffing tons of food from the trip? Having the pool overseeing the sunset by the beachside? Traveloka helps in taking into consideration of the different traits each person is and the expectation of the traveler.

Want to spend some lone time finding peach in yourself? The wide varieties provided by Traveloka give you a chance to go for one that suits your preferences.

  1. Cheap stay, top class services

Cheaper can be better because you will never know what you pay for until you step your feet at the hotel. Mainstream mindset will tell us that there will not be top class services which comes with a cheap price. However, cheap prices that comes with top class services exists! All you need to do is spend a little time putting on your scouting hat to hunt as Traveloka provides one of the cheapest hotels.

Besides the best hotel deals Traveloka offers, it also comes with top-notch services at amazingly cheap prices. You have to gear up to hunt for the deals. Well, Traveloka offers deals for hotels, what is a trip without good deals for cheap flight ticket (eg Malaysia Airlines tickets) ? Yup, Traveloka is up for it too.

  1. Simple, safe and secure

Booking with Traveloka is straightforward. The plain manner process is guides you to search for the relevant hotels and its offers. Topping up to that, Traveloka is diligent in maintaining the security system for all their site transactions and data transmission purposes. Feel safe using Traveloka!

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[SINGAPORE]: Mellower Coffee – Sakura Fubuki

Coffee addicts will love this. photo IMG_6495_zpswrk2hwcz.jpg

Here is where Mellower Coffee’s global flagship store in Singapore is, located at 108 Middle Road, Bugis. It’s a two-storied cozy cafe corner. If you haven’t know, Mellower Coffee is from Shanghai which has sprouted across China since 2011 and went viral in Japan, Korea and western countries. photo IMG_6479_zpseohkes9s.jpg

Besides having your brewed coffee at Mellower, they offer coffee beans where you can brew them at home. They have a range of coffee on the shelves depending on your preference.

 photo IMG_6480_zpsfmha3rqx.jpg photo IMG_6484_zps7a3clqwa.jpg photo IMG_6567_zps1oomhzfp.jpg photo IMG_6568_zpsad755hno.jpg

Mellower caters a corner for their merchandises too. photo IMG_6569_zpshlfamek1.jpg photo IMG_6488_zpsd0am2oem.jpg photo IMG_6553_zpsup8isat0.jpg

There are a few cozy spots in this cafe.  photo IMG_6489_zpsqcigysp0.jpg


If you are interested to learn coffee art, well, here at Mellower Coffee, offers classes for beginners. You can pick up some skills from this corner. photo IMG_6515_zpsdwflxhf4.jpg

Brewing coffee does not seem any easier, as the right temperature, amount of water and weight of the coffee have to be accurate to brew a cup of up-to-standard coffee.

 photo IMG_6509_zpsqwev11tg.jpg

Recently, Mellower Coffee introduces Sakura Fubuki, a hint of bitterness in cherry blossom. This made it tastes special, serves cool, which fits perfectly for such humid days in Singapore. photo IMG_6522_zpseau4oulz.jpg photo IMG_6524_zpstssvpnrl.jpg photo IMG_6550_zpsp1xccuxw.jpg



Add: Mellower Coffee Singapore (108 Middle Road, The Prospex #01-01, Singapore)

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[JOHOR]: Makan Kitchen – Beijing’s Best Lamian & Dumplings

Makan Kitchen is proud to present Beijing’s Best Beef (and Chicken) LaMian or hand-pulled noodles and Dumplings made-to-order. The restaurant’s open Chinese Kitchen allows you to watch Hilton Beijing’s Chef Chen hand pulling the noodles, dropping them directly into boiling water and serving you on the spot. Its available from April 22 to May14, 2017 (Tuesday to Sunday).

 photo DSC_0848_zpshc3dis1o.jpg photo DSC_0849_zpstiavslf1.jpg

Best of Malaysia Dinner Buffet.
Available every Tue, Wed & Thu
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm .
Price: RM98 nett/adult

 photo DSC_0850_zpsyohmxrtz.jpg photo DSC_0852_zpsjbtwcnoe.jpg


Link to menu : http://doubletree3.hilton.com/resources/media/dt/JHBDTDI/en_US/pdf/en_JHBDTDI-MK_BOM-MENU.pdf

 photo DSC_0853_zpsd701uzmd.jpg

One of my favourite satay. photo DSC_0855_zpspr9dmx7r.jpg photo DSC_0854_zpsnj4yja1b.jpg photo DSC_0857_zpsqn1ehrn8.jpg photo DSC_0858_zps999h2tyq.jpg

Irresistible dessert – durian. photo DSC_0864_zpsgvxzjwhk.jpg photo DSC_0896_zpsomtp7ytk.jpg photo DSC_0892_zpsu8dgwt38.jpg




Double Tree by Hilton’s Guest Chef

 photo DSC_0880_zpshgckess5.jpg photo DSC_0882_zpsyhpvky5y.jpg photo DSC_0887_zpsxkaqeyei.jpg photo DSC_0888_zpsjelhgd57.jpg photo DSC_0904_zpsqhbdvsqf.jpg

Seafood Dinner Buffet
Available on Friday & Saturday
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Price: RM138 nett/adult

 photo DSC_0890_zpsvbcxarel.jpg photo DSC_0891_zpswtuunisr.jpg


Link to menu : http://doubletree3.hilton.com/resources/media/dt/JHBDTDI/en_US/pdf/en_JHBDTDI_SEAFOODMENU_April2017.pdf


The Ingredients
Beef Pull-Noodles:    手工牛肉拉面

High Gluten Flour 五得利高筋面粉
Beef Shank 牛腱子肉
Beef Bone 牛棒骨
Fresh Chicken 鲜鸡
Coriander 香菜
Green Garlic 青蒜
Leek 大葱
Turnip 白萝卜
Chili Powder 细辣椒面
Ginger 生姜
Garlic 大蒜
Chinese Prickly Ash 花椒
Dried Ginger 干姜
Fennel 小茴香
Grass Fruit/ Tsaoko 草果
Nutmeg 肉豆蔻
Bay-leaf 香叶
White Pepper Corn 白胡椒粒
Cinnamon Stick 桂皮
White Pepper 白胡椒粉
Chicken Sauce 鸡汁

Hand Made Dumpling: 

Shrimp Meat 虾肉
Water Chestnut 荸荠
Black Fungus 黑木耳
Chinese chive 韭菜
Beef Minced 牛肉馅
Leek 大葱
Chicken Egg 鸡蛋
Sesame Oil 香油
Light Soy Sauce 生抽
Soy Sauce 酱油


Bookings Preferred . Pork & Lard Free

DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru
Add: 01-02, Menara Landmark, 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, Johor Bahru, Johor 80000 Malaysia.
Tel: +607-2686868

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