Aerotel Airport Hotel KLIA2

I took the last flight out from Bali to KL, which I ended up touching KL past midnight. So, I decided to bump a night at Aerotel, no hassle and I don’t need to freakin’ bother about the taxi fare all the way from KLIA to the city.

Aerotel’s front desk looks so fine.

That point of time, I was longing for a hot shower and bed! To be exact, LIKETHIS! Clean sheet, fluffy pillows soft bed.Aerotel is located right beside Plaza Premium Lounge.Its so bright and bold and you definitely won’t missed this.

So, a little introduction of the Aerotel’s cozy room that acts like your paracetamol when you have layovers at the airports be it long or short. A room with clean bathroom furnished with water heater, hair dryer, importantly clean towels.

… and this one thing which took me a while to figure out is the squeeze the liquid soap and the body lotion. I know, I am behaving so kampung now! Even with the instructions on the bottle, I still need to figure out. Anyway, its not an issue at all. The issue arose when I love the smell of both the liquid soap and lotion so, so much! Just like its’ brand,  Naturals.

Complimentary water! Yes, thanks so much!

Fret not, the flight timings are available within the premises. So, you better watch out for yourself  instead. Don’t be late for your flight as you indulge yourself during the layover simply cuz its too good!

See that? Besides a TV and in room WIFI that connects you to the world, there’s a few wall plugs around the room for your to get your gadgets charged up before catching your next flight.


Free Wi-FiFree WiFi

Wake-Up Call Service

Wake-Up Call Service


Flexible Check-in TimeFlexibility of checking in

Coffee & Tea AmenitiesCoffee & Tea Amenities

Don’t worry, I didn’t missed my flight. Almost.

You can place your BOOKING here!


Add: Level 2M, gateway@klia2, Terminal klia2, KL International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 8778 0888

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Birthday Bash

Its never about the age. Birthday with friends in the clubs, well yea, that probably happened a decade ago. Just when my family and buddies are in Penang, being back on the beautiful island will definitely be it.

So this year, it all started with a trip to Bali (my third visit and I’m still so in love with this place for whatever reason).Then I decided to pop by at KL, visiting the those who are dear to me. Its funny when you see your friends working so hard to hook you up … even with a waiter.Then I have my sister (and her sisters from different mothers) who decided to throw me a surprise. We went in the same car and its pretty remarkable how they hid the balloons. 

From KL to Penang, that’s when I have back to back cake cutting and stuffin’ myself with so much baking powder.

One with my best buddy, who watched me grow from my 20s to my 30s now, decided to feed me with Ondeh-Ondeh birthday cake.

and of course these bunch of lunch kakis who came with SioBak mantao! I know its crazy but its good!
Friends who stay? Absolutely!

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4 Precautions to Take Before Departing for an International Trip

Visiting a foreign country can be loads of fun, but the processes involved and preparing for the trip can also be quite stressful, especially if you forget to take important steps before leaving home. You don’t want to be on vacation wondering about whether your home, vehicle(s), and pet(s) are safe. Likewise, you don’t want to encounter any unnecessary mishaps upon your arrival either. The good news is, with a few simple steps you can feel confident enough to have a great time without worrying about issues that would otherwise be non-factors. With that said, here are 4 precautions every traveler should take before embarking on an international adventure:

1.      Upgrade Your Home Security

Being able to keep watch on your property and belongings while you’re gone will keep you from fretting so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest extent. Fortunately, adding a multi-camera security system is simple and affordable, and most premade setups are equipped with cloud capabilities and mobile apps that you can use to check in on every camera angle from a convenient mobile app. Aside from surveillance, you may also want to upgrade your garage door opener. Sites like Global Garage have reviewed the most secure options on the market so you can eliminate the risk of unauthorized parties using third party remotes to gain access to your garage and home.

2.      Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies give you the comfort of knowing that any monetary losses can be recouped in the event that your travel itinerary doesn’t pan out as planned. If you’ve made reservations that are non-refundable but would like to have the assurance that you can get your money back regardless, travel insurance gives you that security for a relatively nominal monthly fee.

3.      Check to Make Sure You’re Properly Vaccinated

Depending on where you’re headed to, you may need to get additional vaccinations to protect yourself from pathogens that are problematic in the destination region. This is usually more of a concern when you’re headed to tropical or undeveloped countries where there may be a higher rate of diseases that aren’t found in your native country.

4.      Double Check Reservations

Finally, in the days before leaving you’ll want to call the hotel, tour guide, transportation services, and any other accommodation providers you’ve made arrangements with to verify that all of your reservations will be fulfilled as expected. Sometimes simple clerical errors can mess up your entire vacation and while such occurrences are relatively rare, when they do happen they can be major headaches.

Make a Checklist of Everything You’ll Need

Now that you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s, you should finalize your vacation planning efforts by creating a detailed list of items that you’ll need to bring along. Try to envision the activities you’ll be engaging in during your stay and pack any provisions that will make things more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable for you. This extra step will help you avoid the disappointment of having to go shopping for extra supplies when you’re supposed to be making memories instead.

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The Best, Romantic Private Pool Villas in Bali, Indonesia

Yearning for another getaway? Well I am one of them, getting caught in the love-hate being an adult. Now that we earn enough but it’s always hard to find time for a break. Let’s not travel too far. We can always look around us, somewhere near where we do not need to travel hours to get there and one of the destination which meet the mentioned requirements would be Bali, Indonesia. I believe by now, you will be seeing a lot of your friends posting nice instagramable villas in Bali as you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram account. I love those villas with private pool and fancy inflatable floats which looks pretty fancy on Instagram after applying filter. Having said so, here are some recommendations:

The Best, Romantic Private Pool Villas in Bali, Indonesia
Are you and your partner in need of a quick gateway? Or are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your honeymoon? Look no further for Bali has everything you are looking for. As the ultimate romantic destination, Bali is right up there with other locations like Paris, Bahamas or Hawaii. Not only are the places in Bali totally friendly to your wallet, they also offer a wide range of options for couples when it comes to beautiful yet private pool villas. Here are some really good ones.

Paradise Loft Villas, Bali
Built on a hill in the Jimbaran area that faces directly towards Tanjung Benoa, The Paradise Loft Villas embraces the chilled Mediterranean concept especially for your lazy bones. Thanks to the panoramic view that you get right from the living room, you will never want to move from the couch. That’s not all, you can also enjoy the cool ocean breeze with its incredible views while you relax in your own private pool. When you are all done relaxing, you and your partner can go all out in the kitchen that is equipped with all the modern kitchen equipment you could possibly need.

Pandan Tree Villa, Bali
If you have a thing for open concept living, then this villa is perfect for you. Located in the laidback part of Canggu, Pandan Tree Villa is the place where you can enjoy the best of Bali – the beautiful beach and the panoramic sunset without having to face the touristy part of Kuta. The best thing about the villa is that it offers an open concept living space where you have your own private garden and a private pool as its centerpiece. And for all you honeymooners, you get your something special as it is customary for the staff to decorate with candle lights. Like, can anything get sweater than that?

Villa Pererepan, Bali
Imagine this – being in bed together with your partner, watching fireflies as they cast their light over the beautiful jungle view, would that be just perfect? Well, that is exactly what Villa Pererepan offers. This villa is perfect for nature-loving couples as it is set along the Petanu river valley and is surrounded the beautiful lush jungle. Other than that, the accommodations are also eco-friendly as almost all furnishing and materials used in this villa are sustainable and of the highest quality. Enjoy the beautiful view as your dive in their plunge pool just outside your bedroom.

Dream Villas in Umalas, Bali
This cozy little two-bedroom villa is greatly influenced by traditional Balinese and Moroccan designs, where your soul will be brighten up with their beautiful wooden furniture accompanied by colourful lightings and bean bags. The Dream Villas are the perfect fusion of old and new, bamboo bed with rainbow colored interior decor. You can even jump into the private pool from the spacious living room. Isn’t that the perfect way to spend a quiet evening with your loved one?

Now that we have covered the accommodations, let’s talk about going there from Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Traveloka Malaysia, you can find cheap tickets for flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bali with great deals. I’ve got mine for a short vacay this June. The return tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Bali cost me RM300, too good to be true for me not to say no to such deals. Book your flights now and enjoy your romantic honeymoon with your loved one. Have fun.

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Aerotel is now at KLIA2!

I’m not sure if you are excited as I am. Plaza Premium Group has brought Aerotel to KLIA2. No, I have not been yet but gonna be. With the existing operations already at Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Rio de Janeiro airports, Aerotel Kuala Lumpur is the Group’s fourth hotel.

Strategically located at the landside of Terminal klia2, within gateway@klia2
(the airport shopping mall), it has close proximity to the departure and arrival
halls, easily accessible to travellers who are arriving at or departing from Terminal klia2.

Aerotel Kuala Lumpur is developed to cater to the needs of all travelers;
whether they seek a sound rest at the airport, a refreshing hot shower, a good
meal or the comforts of a private space in between flights at the airport. Open
24 hours daily, Aerotel Kuala Lumpur is just perfect when one is on a layover or
need to catch a late night or early morning flight.

Designed by travellers for travellers, Aerotel Kuala Lumpur is the epitome of
comfort, value and convenience at the airport. With over 2,800 square metres
of space, the airport hotel is furnished in timber with fine quality fabrics in rich
grey and earthy shades, accentuated with subtle hues of green in the
guestrooms. The soft and warm lightings bring a sense of cosiness to each
room. Murals depicting popular local Malaysian sights and attractions dot the
rooms and public areas, according guests a sense of place from the moment
they step into this airport hotel.

With 78 comfortably-furnished guestrooms, Aerotel Kuala Lumpur offers four room types; Solo Plus, Double Plus, Double Squared and Family. Sized between 20 and 34 square metres, all rooms come fitted with quality bedding, powerful hot showers, natural hair and skin care products, complimentary drinking water, towels, slippers, hairdryer, a 43-inch colour TV with selected satellite TV and radio channels, complimentary Wi-Fi, security key-card access and complimentary coffee/tea making facilities. A pillow menu is also available upon request.

With single, twin or double bed configurations to accommodate one (Solo Plus) to four persons (Double Squared/Family), guests have the convenience of booking according to their needs with flexible check-in time for a minimum of 6 hours per stay.

Double Plus Room 

Rooms rates start from RM298.00, RM418.00 and RM608.00 for a 6-hour stay in a Solo Plus Room, Double Plus Room and Double Squared/ Family Room respectively. All room rates quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) with 6% GST (Goods and Services Tax) inclusive.

Guests are able to enjoy 15% savings off all room rates, from now until 31 December 2018. Reservations can be made via Located across Aerotel Kuala Lumpur is the Bar; measuring over 60 square metres in size with the capacity of over 40 seats, it is the only watering hole in gateway@klia2. Cosy and inviting, with high stools and cocktail tables as well as lounge seating, come in for a refreshing pint before take-off or join us as we catch the latest sporting event live on the big-screen TV!

Adjacent to Aerotel Kuala Lumpur and the Bar is another new Plaza Premium Lounge facility, bringing the number of Plaza Premium Lounge locations in gateway@klia2 to two. Opens 24 hours daily, it provides 80 comfortable seats within the lounge and dining areas.

Showcasing Plaza Premium’s signature services and hallmark features such as friendly and attentive staff, comfortable sofa seating, Wi-Fi, TV, work stations, charging sockets and a sumptuous selection of local and international food and beverage options, this airport oasis welcomes all travelers regardless of their airline or class of travel.

Also equipped with one VIP room, and three meeting rooms accommodating 4 to 22 people, these meeting rooms are your private space for meetings and discussions, away  from the hustle and bustle at the airport.

Instagram: @myaerotel

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