Droprint – Weekend Project

Figuring out a way to keep in touch with your family and friends? Well, I have stumbled upon one, nothing intricate. Keeping in touch made easy in a budgeted weekend project and here is a few items required.

  1. Droprint – An app that manages your pictures and have them printed at an affordable price. Available for Android and iOS.
  2. Envelopes
  3. Sharpee / Markers
  4. Stamps

 photo DSC_0833_zpsx81vd8tr.jpg photo DSC_0835_zpspj5t5baq.jpg photo DSC_0836_zpsw13bpmhn.jpg

Droprint delivers your desired printed pictures and have them delivered to your door step. photo DSC_0841_zpsdghlehwo.jpg

Here is what I did, I got the pictures printed, put them into individual envelopes and have them snail-mailed to my friends and families (without informing them). Surprises are meant to be surprises 🙂  photo DSC_0842_zps0zgicky6.jpg

The app is easy to use.

 photo FullSizeRender 1_zps8mrmzdmt.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 2_zpslxbw65bv.jpg

More info/update, find/follow:
Website: www.droprint.my
Facebook: Droprint
Apps Download: IOS | Android
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Singapore’s Longest Street Water Slide at Boost & Slide

Boost & Slide has set a new record today as the “Longest Street Water Slide” in Singapore! Measuring at the length of 108 metres, Boost & Slide has become Singapore’s longest street water slide by the Singapore Book of Records. The 2 day event starts today.

 photo Picture 1_zpsv6jsiqsc.jpg photo Picture 2_zpso4njfuea.jpg photo Picture 3_zpsf8dbpez6.jpg

About Redoxon®
The Redoxon® family of products is grounded on the immune benefit of vitamin C. The new Redoxon® Triple Action brings together the benefits of vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D, which also plays a significant role in supporting the body’s immune system, proposing a tailored product designed to support the immune system. Vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc are among the key nutrients required to help your body’s immune system function normally. Together with a healthy lifestyle including physical exercise and good nutrition, supplements like Redoxon® provide the foundation for a healthy immune system all year round. For more information, please visit www.redoxon.com.sg.

 photo IMG_1559_zpsnxkfermp.jpg photo IMG_1562_zpsueddzrob.jpg

Boost & Slide is a family-friendly event organised by Bayer in conjunction with the launch of Redoxon® Triple Action. The inflatable water slide has attracted over 3,000 people who pre-registered for this fun experience!

Taking place at the Biopolis Way, Boost & Slide also features a slew of nutrition inspired activities and interactive game booths to educate families and kids on self-care while having fun. Boost & Slide is a free event. Participants who would like to experience a slide of their lives at the event are required to pre-register themselves at the website. photo IMG_1569_zpsrouj6mbj.jpg photo IMG_1573_zpscyoaotlq.jpg photo IMG_1579_zpsm4odm0qg.jpg

The cute and colourful floats. photo IMG_1577_zpslx57qqd6.jpg

 photo IMG_1596_zpsepov047z.jpg

 photo IMG_1580_zps25xwufug.jpg


Redoxon® Triple Action
The new Redoxon® Triple Action brings together the benefits of vitamin C, D plus zinc, which play a significant role in supporting one’s immune system. Redoxon® Triple Action was developed to provide 3 times 4 the support for the immune defence to help defend out bodies against all challenges. As vitamin C, D and zinc are among the essential nutrients required to ensure a healthy immune function, this tailored product with high strength of vitamin C, D and zinc has been designed to support the immune system from both internal and external threats.

Redoxon® Triple Action comes in 3 versions, Redoxon® Triple Action Effervescent tablets, Redoxon® Triple Action Film-Coated Tablets and Redoxon® Triple Action Gummies for adults and children, respectively. They are available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore.
For more information on Boost & Slide, please visit www.boostandslide.com

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Steamboat Buffet @ Cinta Sayang Resort

Cinta Sayang Resort has an on-going promotion on Steamboat Buffet at Chips & Bites. Eat all you can. There are varieties of food available, be it ranging from seafood to vegetables or desserts.

 photo IMG_9481_zpssjbyekyx.jpg

Seafood. Tonnes and tonnes of seafood! photo DSC_0465_zpsg5w70ww0.jpg photo DSC_0466_zpseff5eh2d.jpg photo DSC_0467_zpslinmvrgw.jpg

A few types of condiments available such as the local pickled chilli and cut chilli. Those are the ones which the locals can live without.  photo DSC_0470_zpsixvt2pcb.jpg

Easing your sweet tooth with the attractive dessert. Well, can hardly resist I admit. There will also be free flow ice-cream and cordial. photo DSC_0473_zpspun7o6bt.jpg photo DSC_0474_zpsv8llvp4s.jpg photo DSC_0475_zpsp9hepuff.jpg photo DSC_0476_zps8z2h3abv.jpg photo DSC_0477_zps9nbcwstx.jpg photo DSC_0478_zpszbccj0rq.jpg photo DSC_0494_zpstcmjpref.jpg photo DSC_0495_zpsf6fmcxbn.jpg photo DSC_0496_zpsjuy71yjt.jpg photo DSC_0497_zpsd2kgptay.jpg photo DSC_0479_zpsvbubmfd5.jpg photo IMG_9484_zps54dc0thn.jpg

Time: 6.30pm - 10.30pm (Every Saturday)
Venue: Chips & Bites
Price: RM 35.00 nett/adult

 photo Steamboat-Buffet_zpscjghxnme.jpg

Cinta Sayang Resort
Add: Persiaran Cinta Sayang, 08000, Sungai Petani Kedah, Malaysia.
Tel: +(60) 4 441 4666
Email: info@cintasayangresort.com
Website: www.cintasayangresort.com
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Temple Tree at Bon Ton, Langkawi

 photo IMG_9706_zps75p2wzpu.png
Life is best lived without any expectations. Waking up surrounded by serenity and this is the best place to have social media detox. Took a weekend off and I ended at this unique boutique hotel in Langkawi, known as Temple Tree which consists of 8 antique buildings of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian origin which was formerly a coconut plantation. Large houses with various rooms. I’m sure many would love to get back in time to feel how it feels when life were much simpler, no sky scrappers, or even before Internet invaded our lives.

 photo IMG_9646_zpsjroddqx9.jpg

Well, I never thought this could happened! I have never imagined that I can checked all the mentioned. Peace and serenity in place for a good break putting you in zen mode.

 photo DSC_0550_zpsvvst4u64.jpg

We were served with a glass of refreshing welcome drink by the staff from Temple Tree at The Straits Restaurant & Bar. Aside from drinks & beverages, they have a menu serving food too.
 photo DSC_0570_zpsyocgxgak.jpg

Got pretty excited to run around the houses, and here is where we can learn the history behind each house. photo DSC_0558_zpspp9p0uko.jpg photo DSC_0560_zpsnnromrsn.jpg

This is a Chinese house, once upon a time, it was located in Johor. Each building has, over its 70-110 year old history. photo DSC_0562_zpselbsjlxo.jpg photo DSC_0581_zpspcbkjdaz.jpg

Its animal-friendly, hence, cat lovers like us will certainly love seeing the felines around. photo DSC_0563_zpse9ewuzi2.jpg photo DSC_0564_zps8gy4uhxj.jpg

Let me show you the house we stayed in. Its a Penang House. That’s my sis in the toilet 🙂
 photo DSC_0579_zpsp8traphr.jpg

Here is how the ancient Penang House look like. This house consists of a bathroom, two bedrooms, a living room and a room for the conventional tub. photo DSC_0580_zpsilsfidx2.jpgLovely tub with hot and cold water and a shower head.
 photo DSC_0616_zpsuwufs2wd.jpg photo IMG_9589_zpsywefdmfv.jpg photo IMG_9989_zpszfuk6780.png


There were two bedrooms, this is the one with two single beds equipped with TV. The satellite TV is only available in the Clubhouse.  photo DSC_0766_zpsy7lnb1bc.jpg

Breakfast in bed. photo IMG_9627_zpspmryylxk.jpg

Breakfast is stored in the fridge.  Once you checked in, there will be  fruits in basket, fresh milk, bottled orange juices, homemade bread, butter and jam. Separately, coffee and tea are placed in glass containers. So all we need to do was to place the slices of bread into the toaster and boil the water. Lovely. photo IMG_9685_zpsgxvhwduv.jpg

… and this is the room I slept in. photo DSC_0769_zpskllgve6b.jpg

 Enjoyed myself running around taking pictures. Every corner is worth a click. photo DSC_0686_zps6ehptgfk.jpg

Here is where the Club House and The Straits Restaurant & Bar located, where their signature gula melaka ice cream is served. photo DSC_0694_zpsdmvl83lz.jpg photo DSC_0697_zpsgrs7f9mf.jpg

Facility  – There is a swimming pool right in front of the Chinese House. Can always dip in to have a relaxing swim surrounded by the greens. photo DSC_0737_zpso7w0evmo.jpg photo DSC_0743_zpsxnmlefew.jpg photo DSC_0725_zpsgqhbbrji.jpg

Cute, aren’t they?
 photo IMG_9927_zpsshebr1ex.png


Address: Temple Tree at Bon Ton, Jalan Pantai Cenang Lot 1047, Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-955 1688

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Kaisen Tei by MOF @ 313@Somerset

Kaisen Tei by MOF introduces a casual dining concept that allows the guests to personalise their donburi with freshly cubed sashimi, salmon, seafood and vegetables on top of soft rice.

 photo DSC_0833_zpsxnhnn3sa.jpg

Kurobuta pork or kobe of pork is used in the pork Katsu curry. Taste well and if you are not so much into carbo, always ask for less. Don’t put it to waste! Kaisen Tei by MOF uses filtered water in their cooking in order to remove chlorine which changes taste and courses of food. Food quality well maintained.

Kaisen ; A bowl of rice with mixtures of sashimis served. Here is where Kaisen Tei by MOF serves bowls of bowls of Kaisen at 313@Somerset. Yup, new in town. Kaisen Tei by MOF introduces two signature Kaisens ($16). The traditional Kaisen Don served with white rice while the other serves with fresh green salad.

 photo DSC_0834_zpsknfkn9hx.jpg

Love the fresh sashimis served and it provides a convenient way takeaway meal. The fish are freshly sliced in the kitchen and not pre-sliced. photo DSC_0843_zpsk8pgexu0.jpg photo DSC_0835_zpspqygffin.jpg

This time Kaisen Tei by MOF introduces 8 types of fish, 4 signature sauce and 11 different toppings.

Fish – Salmon, Maguro, Hamachi, Mini Hotate, Tako, Ika, Ishigaki, and Mekagiki
Signature sauce –  Kaisen, Yuku, Wafu, and Yakiniku
Toppings –  Fukake, Kurage, Negitoro, Unagi, Mentako, Taamagouyaki, Tobiki, Corn, Tempura Bits, Wasabi, and Salmon.

With the listed varieties, guests are given the privilege to mix and match their ownKaisen! photo DSC_0837_zpsqesiove5.jpg photo DSC_0839_zpstn2xkauv.jpg photo DSC_0842_zpsyyxlodfz.jpg

Here is a pretty good deal. If you are a DBS/POSB credit card holder, you are entitled a 15% discount off subtotal bill with a minimum spend of $60.  However, it is not valid on the eve of and Public Holiday. Also not valid with other promotions or credit card discounts. Valid from Mar 1st 2017 to Feb 28th 2018.

Add: 313@Somerset, 313 Somerset Road, #03-41, Singapore 238895
Website: www.ministryoffood.com.sg

Opening Hours:
 Mon-Thurs 11.30am-10pm
 Eve Public Holidays/Fri and Sat 11.30am-10.30pm
 Public Holidays/Sun, PH 11.30am-10pm

Kaisen Tei is on Instagram: @MOFgroup
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