Art Is Rubbish Is Art

ERNEST ZACHAREVIC; the guy who is famous for his murals. Here in Penang, Ernest has done a solo show exhibition on his arts telling the public that rubbish itself can be converted to art. The solo exhibition entitled “Art is Rubbish is Art” managed to draw the public’s attention.

The exhibition was held at the Hin Company Bus Depot (located behind Gama Department Store/opposite Grand Continental Hotel), a little discreet but its great that the empty ground is now made known.


20140119_173120 20140119_173129 20140119_173145 20140119_173229 20140119_173324 20140119_173414

 A panoramic view of the exhibition.20140119_175548

20140119_174822 20140119_173547

20140119_173530 20140119_173555

20140119_174813 20140119_175812 20140119_175813 20140119_180021

Interesting arts were published. Never once thought rubbish is able to converted into such interesting piece of art.



Rubbish Is Art Is Rubbish
Duration: 17th January 2014 – 14th February 2014
Time: Daily 12.00pm – 8.00pm
Entrance: Free
Location: Hin Company Bus Depot, Jalan Gurdwara, Georgetown, Penang.


After a good two months of slavery, the company organised an event and they named it “Jabeerlicious”. From the name, obviously, they serve beer and I believe that it should be one of the items we were looking forward to.

IMG_4649 IMG_4651 IMG_4653 … and one of the important element of the day is, I won myself a flask from the Lucky Draw :) Yes, much needed at home!IMG_4669 IMG_4693

Indeed, it was fun for us to mingle around.



Bringing the culture over, to drink from the jug instead.


We were once all from the plant in Penang.IMG_4698IMG_4699

My planner and my super high IA.IMG_4700

Well, everyone had loadsa fun drinking today but my mind was off away despite it added a little joy to me.

Talent Corp Sector Focused Career Fair @ USM

When I was a kid, future is the most discussed thing between my parents and I. I can say it consists of the biggest portion if I were to put it into a pie chart or a pareto breakdown. Funny how things were like, I didn’t do what they expected me to do and I didn’t practice what I studied.

Speaking of which, there was a career fair over at Dewan Utama Pelajar, USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). Many at times when we were younger or perhaps much younger, we were indecisive.

The registration booth.



Wondering what Talent Corp SFCF is? SFCF basically stands for Sector Focused Career Fair, helping to optimize Malaysian talents. Well, it doesn’t actually decide what you want to do in life but at least will be able to help to narrow down to the fields that you might be interested. Anyhow, the final decision still lies in your hands.


Issues of Graduan is distributed for free.

SAM_2687 - Copy

Choosing the career path can never be easy. I personally went thru those times. Anyhow, over at Talent Corp, there were career talks conducted in order to lead or at least provide an idea for those who are not able to decide on their career path.


Anyway, for those who might have missed it, fret not. Keep yourself posted on all the updates on the Talent Corp SFCF’s FB page. Remember, decide on what is best for yourself, not others :)

Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase Event

The correct bra you put on will be able to bring out your inner confidence in you. Of course I meant the ladies, but just in case men does that too, then, yes, it has a special something which is able to stand out in a person. photo DSC_0129_zpse0d9ae87.jpg

… and yes, I was lucky enough to be invited for Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase from Wacoal. It was hosted in Gurney Plaza and the crowd was welcoming!
 photo DSC_0105_zps30b7d6bf.jpg

The girls are stunning too! photo DSC_0113_zps463fc37c.jpg

A bit of mother nature.

 photo DSC_0100_zps4c5dff2b.jpg

Some people consider bras are intimate apparels but I don’t think bras do just that. The right bra you put on, it gives you a special something that make you feel right in everything you do.

 photo DSC_0108_zps4ac175cf.jpg photo DSC_0118_zpse9baa6f3.jpg photo DSC_0099_zps6f7a9185.jpg

The designs from Wacoal are known for lingerie that offers superior fit and craftsmanship. photo DSC_0121_zpsc3ec7124.jpg

A proper fitted lingerie brings your level to the next level. photo DSC_0128_zps87d8fa7b.jpg photo DSC_0177_zps65df182f.jpg photo DSC_0114_zpsdc52cdda.jpg

Anyway, for girls out there who doesn’t know your sizes, you may consult the Wacoal sales assistant. They will be more than happy to advise. photo DSC_0584_zps9cdf2688.jpg

So happened to be my day. Won some lucky draw prizes weih! photo IMG_8818_zpsa5ef8c26.jpg

Some of the outstanding colours I like. photo IMG_8811_zpsf5699048.jpg photo IMG_8805_zps6dec6823.jpg photo IMG_8810_zps7563c3dd.jpg

 Thank you Wacoal for the invite. It was rather an exposure to me than just a fashion show. Totally! The crowd was overwhelming and I pretty enjoyed the show. What a great start to kick off the weekend.

Y4Y All For Love Charity Concert

I came to know about Youth4Youth All For Love Charity Concert which will be happening on 13 July 2013. It is a fund-raising cum charity concert organised by YMCA Penang’s Youths section! Unfortunately, I won’t be around and I really really wish that I could make it … to be there, to lend a hand and to support them, those who need and that aren’t just referring to people or community around us but that includes the homeless animals around!

The heme this year would be all for love, and performers such as leading local professional dance groups, live power performing bands and star rising solo singers will take stage to give you a show of a night!

Y4Y Charity Concert 13 July 2013

… and in this charity drive, Chan Brothers got themselves involved in spreading the awareness and helping up as much as they can. Well, to each your curiosity, the tickets sold will proceed to CPS, SOS and PAWS! So, this platform had been created for a talented bunch of local youths that have volunteered to put up a huge concert at the Penang PAC for the cause of aiding charity homes. There are videos recorded, one at the CPS (Children Protection Society) and one at 4PAWS (Penang Animal Welfare Shelter) by Chan Brothers. Take a look!

Believe me, Barbara is taking car of more than 250 dogs! She provides them food and shelter and care. What are 2 cats at home compared to her >250 dogs!

Let me share a short story in life :) A story about my family and I adopted two stray cats on a separate occasion and provided them shelter. We found her when she was a kitten, at a market, starving looking for food. Its sad to see when she was so little and got shoo-ed away by the people around. Hence, we decided to take her home. I remember she freaks out during her first warm bubble bath, but now, I think she wants it daily! We named her “Mao”, and Mao knows how to use the toilet bowl. That is to my surprise as well. I did not train her at all! This picture was taken when she was doing her “business” … and yes, she meow-ed at me aggressively after that for harassing her privacy :P


Then months after Mao has been staying with us, we stumbled upon Sharmala. Wondering why we call her Sharmala? Cuz we felt that she has this pair of very big beautiful Indian eyes. She is another cute furkid! She waits for me to come home from work daily and I would say she is my happy pill! Whenever I talk to her, she will reply “meoww” … just as if we were having a conversation! Both Mao and Sharmala made a change in my life. They change my perception towards strays and don’t be surprise when I tell you I store cat and dog food in my car :) I feed everywhere I go!


Well again, though we might not provide a shelter for a person, but we can always provide a shelter for the furkids. Sometimes, they are a better friend than those you call them friends ;)

All you can help is by purchasing the ticket at RM38 each and all you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the show! Funds collected from tickets ALL go to CHARITY!! So log on to for more details and grab your ticket fast! You can purchase your tickets online at