Birthday Bash

Its never about the age. Birthday with friends in the clubs, well yea, that probably happened a decade ago. Just when my family and buddies are in Penang, being back on the beautiful island will definitely be it.

So this year, it all started with a trip to Bali (my third visit and I’m still so in love with this place for whatever reason).Then I decided to pop by at KL, visiting the those who are dear to me. Its funny when you see your friends working so hard to hook you up … even with a waiter.Then I have my sister (and her sisters from different mothers) who decided to throw me a surprise. We went in the same car and its pretty remarkable how they hid the balloons. 

From KL to Penang, that’s when I have back to back cake cutting and stuffin’ myself with so much baking powder.

One with my best buddy, who watched me grow from my 20s to my 30s now, decided to feed me with Ondeh-Ondeh birthday cake.

and of course these bunch of lunch kakis who came with SioBak mantao! I know its crazy but its good!
Friends who stay? Absolutely!

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