The Best, Romantic Private Pool Villas in Bali, Indonesia

Yearning for another getaway? Well I am one of them, getting caught in the love-hate being an adult. Now that we earn enough but it’s always hard to find time for a break. Let’s not travel too far. We can always look around us, somewhere near where we do not need to travel hours to get there and one of the destination which meet the mentioned requirements would be Bali, Indonesia. I believe by now, you will be seeing a lot of your friends posting nice instagramable villas in Bali as you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram account. I love those villas with private pool and fancy inflatable floats which looks pretty fancy on Instagram after applying filter. Having said so, here are some recommendations:

The Best, Romantic Private Pool Villas in Bali, Indonesia
Are you and your partner in need of a quick gateway? Or are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your honeymoon? Look no further for Bali has everything you are looking for. As the ultimate romantic destination, Bali is right up there with other locations like Paris, Bahamas or Hawaii. Not only are the places in Bali totally friendly to your wallet, they also offer a wide range of options for couples when it comes to beautiful yet private pool villas. Here are some really good ones.

Paradise Loft Villas, Bali
Built on a hill in the Jimbaran area that faces directly towards Tanjung Benoa, The Paradise Loft Villas embraces the chilled Mediterranean concept especially for your lazy bones. Thanks to the panoramic view that you get right from the living room, you will never want to move from the couch. That’s not all, you can also enjoy the cool ocean breeze with its incredible views while you relax in your own private pool. When you are all done relaxing, you and your partner can go all out in the kitchen that is equipped with all the modern kitchen equipment you could possibly need.

Pandan Tree Villa, Bali
If you have a thing for open concept living, then this villa is perfect for you. Located in the laidback part of Canggu, Pandan Tree Villa is the place where you can enjoy the best of Bali – the beautiful beach and the panoramic sunset without having to face the touristy part of Kuta. The best thing about the villa is that it offers an open concept living space where you have your own private garden and a private pool as its centerpiece. And for all you honeymooners, you get your something special as it is customary for the staff to decorate with candle lights. Like, can anything get sweater than that?

Villa Pererepan, Bali
Imagine this – being in bed together with your partner, watching fireflies as they cast their light over the beautiful jungle view, would that be just perfect? Well, that is exactly what Villa Pererepan offers. This villa is perfect for nature-loving couples as it is set along the Petanu river valley and is surrounded the beautiful lush jungle. Other than that, the accommodations are also eco-friendly as almost all furnishing and materials used in this villa are sustainable and of the highest quality. Enjoy the beautiful view as your dive in their plunge pool just outside your bedroom.

Dream Villas in Umalas, Bali
This cozy little two-bedroom villa is greatly influenced by traditional Balinese and Moroccan designs, where your soul will be brighten up with their beautiful wooden furniture accompanied by colourful lightings and bean bags. The Dream Villas are the perfect fusion of old and new, bamboo bed with rainbow colored interior decor. You can even jump into the private pool from the spacious living room. Isn’t that the perfect way to spend a quiet evening with your loved one?

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