[SINGAPORE]: Mellower Coffee – Sakura Fubuki

Coffee addicts will love this. photo IMG_6495_zpswrk2hwcz.jpg

Here is where Mellower Coffee’s global flagship store in Singapore is, located at 108 Middle Road, Bugis. It’s a two-storied cozy cafe corner. If you haven’t know, Mellower Coffee is from Shanghai which has sprouted across China since 2011 and went viral in Japan, Korea and western countries. photo IMG_6479_zpseohkes9s.jpg

Besides having your brewed coffee at Mellower, they offer coffee beans where you can brew them at home. They have a range of coffee on the shelves depending on your preference.

 photo IMG_6480_zpsfmha3rqx.jpg photo IMG_6484_zps7a3clqwa.jpg photo IMG_6567_zps1oomhzfp.jpg photo IMG_6568_zpsad755hno.jpg

Mellower caters a corner for their merchandises too. photo IMG_6569_zpshlfamek1.jpg photo IMG_6488_zpsd0am2oem.jpg photo IMG_6553_zpsup8isat0.jpg

There are a few cozy spots in this cafe.  photo IMG_6489_zpsqcigysp0.jpg


If you are interested to learn coffee art, well, here at Mellower Coffee, offers classes for beginners. You can pick up some skills from this corner. photo IMG_6515_zpsdwflxhf4.jpg

Brewing coffee does not seem any easier, as the right temperature, amount of water and weight of the coffee have to be accurate to brew a cup of up-to-standard coffee.

 photo IMG_6509_zpsqwev11tg.jpg

Recently, Mellower Coffee introduces Sakura Fubuki, a hint of bitterness in cherry blossom. This made it tastes special, serves cool, which fits perfectly for such humid days in Singapore. photo IMG_6522_zpseau4oulz.jpg photo IMG_6524_zpstssvpnrl.jpg photo IMG_6550_zpsp1xccuxw.jpg



Add: Mellower Coffee Singapore (108 Middle Road, The Prospex #01-01, Singapore)

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