[SINGAPORE]: Singapore’s Longest Street Water Slide at Boost & Slide

Boost & Slide has set a new record today as the “Longest Street Water Slide” in Singapore! Measuring at the length of 108 metres, Boost & Slide has become Singapore’s longest street water slide by the Singapore Book of Records. The 2 day event starts today.


About Redoxon®
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Boost & Slide is a family-friendly event organised by Bayer in conjunction with the launch of Redoxon® Triple Action. The inflatable water slide has attracted over 3,000 people who pre-registered for this fun experience!

Taking place at the Biopolis Way, Boost & Slide also features a slew of nutrition inspired activities and interactive game booths to educate families and kids on self-care while having fun. Boost & Slide is a free event. Participants who would like to experience a slide of their lives at the event are required to pre-register themselves at the website.

The cute and colourful floats.

Redoxon® Triple Action
The new Redoxon® Triple Action brings together the benefits of vitamin C, D plus zinc, which play a significant role in supporting one’s immune system. Redoxon® Triple Action was developed to provide 3 times 4 the support for the immune defence to help defend out bodies against all challenges. As vitamin C, D and zinc are among the essential nutrients required to ensure a healthy immune function, this tailored product with high strength of vitamin C, D and zinc has been designed to support the immune system from both internal and external threats.


Redoxon® Triple Action comes in 3 versions, Redoxon® Triple Action Effervescent tablets, Redoxon® Triple Action Film-Coated Tablets and Redoxon® Triple Action Gummies for adults and children, respectively. They are available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore.
For more information on Boost & Slide, please visit www.boostandslide.com

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