[JOHOR]: Makan Kitchen – Beijing’s Best Lamian & Dumplings

Makan Kitchen is proud to present Beijing’s Best Beef (and Chicken) LaMian or hand-pulled noodles and Dumplings made-to-order. The restaurant’s open Chinese Kitchen allows you to watch Hilton Beijing’s Chef Chen hand pulling the noodles, dropping them directly into boiling water and serving you on the spot. Its available from April 22 to May14, 2017 (Tuesday to Sunday).

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Best of Malaysia Dinner Buffet.
Available every Tue, Wed & Thu
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm .
Price: RM98 nett/adult

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Link to menu : http://doubletree3.hilton.com/resources/media/dt/JHBDTDI/en_US/pdf/en_JHBDTDI-MK_BOM-MENU.pdf

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One of my favourite satay. photo DSC_0855_zpspr9dmx7r.jpg photo DSC_0854_zpsnj4yja1b.jpg photo DSC_0857_zpsqn1ehrn8.jpg photo DSC_0858_zps999h2tyq.jpg

Irresistible dessert – durian. photo DSC_0864_zpsgvxzjwhk.jpg photo DSC_0896_zpsomtp7ytk.jpg photo DSC_0892_zpsu8dgwt38.jpg




Double Tree by Hilton’s Guest Chef

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Seafood Dinner Buffet
Available on Friday & Saturday
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Price: RM138 nett/adult

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Link to menu : http://doubletree3.hilton.com/resources/media/dt/JHBDTDI/en_US/pdf/en_JHBDTDI_SEAFOODMENU_April2017.pdf


The Ingredients
Beef Pull-Noodles:    手工牛肉拉面

High Gluten Flour 五得利高筋面粉
Beef Shank 牛腱子肉
Beef Bone 牛棒骨
Fresh Chicken 鲜鸡
Coriander 香菜
Green Garlic 青蒜
Leek 大葱
Turnip 白萝卜
Chili Powder 细辣椒面
Ginger 生姜
Garlic 大蒜
Chinese Prickly Ash 花椒
Dried Ginger 干姜
Fennel 小茴香
Grass Fruit/ Tsaoko 草果
Nutmeg 肉豆蔻
Bay-leaf 香叶
White Pepper Corn 白胡椒粒
Cinnamon Stick 桂皮
White Pepper 白胡椒粉
Chicken Sauce 鸡汁

Hand Made Dumpling: 

Shrimp Meat 虾肉
Water Chestnut 荸荠
Black Fungus 黑木耳
Chinese chive 韭菜
Beef Minced 牛肉馅
Leek 大葱
Chicken Egg 鸡蛋
Sesame Oil 香油
Light Soy Sauce 生抽
Soy Sauce 酱油


Bookings Preferred . Pork & Lard Free

DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru
Add: 01-02, Menara Landmark, 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, Johor Bahru, Johor 80000 Malaysia.
Tel: +607-2686868

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