Chingay Parade Singapore 2017

I got drenched in the last Chingay. Rainy season too this year, but I got the chance to check out the backstage instead.

 photo IMG_8505_zpsxz4s74dd.jpg

Thankful for the great windy evening. photo DSC_0184_zpsnmtkcdne.jpg

The ladies were getting ready for their final rehearsal.
 photo DSC_0191_zpso9srm1dp.jpg photo DSC_0193_zpsi7k9mhim.jpg photo DSC_0195_zpsmsmr4oz7.jpg photo DSC_0232_zps3clklbj5.jpg photo DSC_0262_zpse1dgwpku.jpg photo DSC_0267_zpsxrrj5wa8.jpg photo DSC_0269_zpsoosteewk.jpg photo DSC_0281_zpsx3mxlgik.jpg photo IMG_8519_zpsx2odocht.jpg photo DSC_0204_zpsqjyzw3ti.jpg photo DSC_0221_zpsffstkaio.jpg photo DSC_0224_zpskrtt3aaj.jpg photo DSC_0245_zps8lkoc0ml.jpg photo DSC_0267_zpsxrrj5wa8.jpg photo IMG_8511_zpstt0r0gwp.jpg photo IMG_8506_zpsnhs1kwhr.jpg

Grab your tickets! Don’t miss this out.




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