TGM Japanese Korean Cuisine @ Changi Airport T2 (Departure Hall)

Being mainstream means having fast food before boarding the flight, putting into consideration if you are super late means you are left with no choice but a quick bite.

My honest opinion? Of all places I have travelled to,  I still love Singapore’s Airport, for the variety, clarity of the sign boards, tip-top cleanliness (especially the washrooms) and facilities. How can I not cast my vote for Changi Airport ?!

Having said so, Premium Plaza Group announced the official re-opening of TGM, a brand new JAKO (Japanese Korean cuisine) concept. photo IMG_4993_zpsrrpo2iye.jpg

Catering the place to travellers around the world, TGM offers free wi-fi as well as 3-pin wall plugs for diners to reconnect. Yes, two items which turns into our daily needs, wi-fi and charging spots.

 photo IMG_4995_zpshyrcwwpt.jpg

I was very honoured to be welcomed this way, having a personalised menu. <3 photo IMG_4970_zps2lleu6hi.jpg photo IMG_4971_zpsnjnyfih9.jpg

Quiet and cosy ambiance. Ala carte menu prices starts from $ 6.00. photo DSC_0001_zps6w9ohz3u.jpg

Appetizers to kick things off ; Grilled Oyster with Mentai Mayo, Botan Shrimp, Tuna Otoshi. Love the freshly grilled oyster with mentai mayo.  photo DSC_0005_zps59vmssox.jpg

TGM’s awesome side dishes ; Japanese Kushi Yaki (as assortment of grilled skewers) photo IMG_4977_zpscvg46ypp.jpg

Maki Moriwase (An assortment of Japanese & Korean-style rice rolls).

Here is the uniquely made Beetroot and Crab Meat Mari. photo DSC_0008_zpsatmt4rqe.jpg

New on TGM’s menu, Korean Squid Ink Mari (rice roll in black) photo IMG_4980_zpsfyuiqbjt.jpg

One of the highlights of the new menu, Maki & Mari. photo DSC_0011_zpsyfebfc2n.jpg

Fret not, ample space for your huge luggage bags 🙂 TGM operates with a seating capacity of 120 people. photo DSC_0016_zpss5nt7e1z.jpg

All main course will be served with rice and miso soup and I picked Salmon Butter Yaki; pan-fried salmon cooked with butter yaki sauce. photo IMG_4983_zpsyentyn1j.jpg photo DSC_0024_zpsbzosiky7.jpg

Korean Spicy Noodle ; Korean noodle served in special hot spicy noup topped with kimchi, sausage, luncheon meat, and sliced Kurobuta pork. If you can’t take overly spicy stuff, do drop a remark when you place your order, not too spicy 🙂 photo DSC_0018_zpsyfyzmtsn.jpg

Sashimi Japanese Set ; served with assorted 5 types of fresh sashimi. photo DSC_0022_zpscf2t7fcs.jpg

Ended the great meal with TGM’s Patbingsu ; Korean-style shaved ice topped with sweet red beans, mixed fruits, nata de coco & mixed ice cream and I love the matcha ice cream!

 photo DSC_0025_zpsfuptojkz.jpg

TGM, located on Level 3 in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. Its in the Departure Hall. photo IMG_4991_zpswswbt7ye.jpg


TGM Japanese Korean Cuisine

Opening Hours: 6am to 1am daily
For reservation: +65 65461928

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