[SINGAPORE]: Pastilla Café

Pastilla Café, a Moroccan café located between Kembangan and Eunos along Changi Road. I was very honoured to meet a passionate and humble chef cum owner of this Moroccan café.

This is the street view of Pastilla Café.  photo 20150614_134617_zpsba2t7qwh.jpg

I love the simple and cozy decor of the café. photo DSC_0767_zpsvskmstf9.jpg photo DSC_0768_zpsmhkpgckd.jpg photo DSC_0770_zps5aa5oxqq.jpg

There ain’t many Moroccan cuisine cafés in town but this is one that I’d recommend. photo DSC_0772_zpsalt1i0qn.jpg

Refreshing lemon juice. photo DSC_0776_zpsz1wsjea9.jpg photo DSC_0779_zpsuhjfmw4x.jpg

Quality ingredients used for North-African lamb sausage. photo DSC_0778_zpswqbmafou.jpg

There is variety of Starters offered by Pastilla Café which Chef Said prepared Moroccan Salad Medley ($10.50), which consists of steamed beetroot, carrots, beans and potatoes with a touch of Moroccan dressing.

 photo DSC_0780_zpsuztpkptu.jpg

Favourite dish, Chicken Tajine ($14.90). Tajine (pronounced as Tajin, originated from North Africa. The traditional tajine pot is made of pottery, which is sometimes painted or glazed. Moroccan tajine dishes are slow-cooked and the cone-shaped lid of the tajine pot traps steam and returns the condensed liquid to the pot which at the same time conserved in the pot.

 photo DSC_0783_zpsl8dtze3w.jpg

Chicken Tajine, cooked with seasonal vegetables, olives and preserved lemons. The combination of the preserved ingredients makes the dish aromatic.

 photo DSC_0790_zpslsqjy9oe.jpg photo DSC_0786_zpsjwnfbyck.jpg

Smooth and tender Meat Ball. photo DSC_0791_zpstzwnhvba.jpg photo DSC_0788_zpsabzyfjpz.jpg

Yummy! photo DSC_0795_zpsugjd7b7w.jpg photo DSC_0798_zpsabglr2nv.jpg

Atay Wal Halawiyat ($10.80), Moroccan mint tea. Highly recommend. Refreshing after a heavy meal. photo DSC_0803_zpsxtgecy8l.jpg photo DSC_0804_zpssy7hwc8u.jpg photo DSC_0813_zpsrsxcxvi0.jpg

Oum Ali ($6.50), I somewhat like the name. Oum Ali is something that I will have for tea or perhaps dropping by at Pastilla Café for dessert. Oum Ali is actually a middle eastern dessert that combines the creaminess of bread butter pudding with cinnamon, nuts and dried fruits stuffing. Something that I highly recommend for dessert.

 photo DSC_0810_zpsrtxy5xjq.jpg

Middle Eastern version of cheese Danish, known as Konafa ($6.50). Its base is a mild stretchy white cheese with a rich topping of fine semolina thread like pastry, soaked in sweet orange blossom water, rose water and sprinkled with pistachio nuts. The process of making Konafa is very tedious. Konafa is very strong which I kinda feel that not every individual is able to accept unless you are someone who enjoys it.

 photo DSC_0817_zpsnlxcwjfd.jpg photo IMG_20150614_3_zpsxlib3yfl.jpg

Pastilla Café (HALAL)
Add: 334 Changi Road, Singapore 419808
Tel: +65 6440 0849

Operating Hours: Tues-Fri 5pm-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 5pm – 11.30pm (Closed on Mondays)

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