[PENANG]: LaserOPS Indoor Laser Tag Arena

Wondering what LaserOPS Indoor Laser Tag Arena is? To be frank, its pretty new to me. My very first time too! Indoor Laser Tag is an interactive game in an indoor arena where players attempt to score points by tagging targets and opponents with a Phasor gun.

 photo 20150530_131128_zpsioqv0bsm.jpg
But hey! Playing with guns ain’t necessary a boy thing. Perhaps you’ll be the next Tomb Raider!

Now, this is a PHASOR GUN. First, hold the phasor gun with both hands. photo IMG_20150531_9_zpsngogiawg.jpg

LaserOPS Penang offers a 6,000 sf venue with 4,500 sf interactive laser tag arena. Up to 24 players can play simultaneously. Players can be combined into big games if the numbers you gathered are less than 28 pax. If you have more than 24 people, a rotation system will be applied in order to ensure everyone gets to enjoy our missions.

Shoot the “Pumpkin“! Yes, I used pumpkin as my nick in the game. photo IMG_20150602_6_zpsbsgqsgws.jpg

You will be briefed upfront before the game. Fret not, the marshals are nice people. photo IMG_20150602_9_zpswzvr9zoy.jpg

… GAME ON people! photo IMG_20150602_3_zps4jnf01l1.jpg

Friends since 2007, from food to guns! photo IMG_20150602_4_zpsjkclv6aw.jpg photo IMG_20150602_5_zpsla9criop.jpg

Rules? Pretty simple! NO RUNNING, NO CLIMBING & NO PHYSICAL CONTACT, ohh and the one that none of us can comply would be NO VULGARITIES.

First round … photo IMG_20150602_7_zpstxqwtpy8.jpg

Its a sweaty game. Best part its painless unlike paintball. photo IMG_20150602_8_zps9z4hnn7d.jpg

 photo IMG_20150602_10_zpskqzptv22.jpg

Watch them play! Yes, you can always do so before you enter the battle field. photo 20150530_141832_zpsmhhlyr8c.jpg photo IMG_20150602_2_zpsnnkequ9n.jpg

All in all, its a fun yet tactical game. At the same time, its a light exercise as well for both physical and mental.

 photo 20150530_141836_zpsmwhcdauh.jpg


RM18 /person – 1 mission during offpeak
RM36 /person – 3 missions during offpeak
RM21 /person – 1 mission during peak
RM42 /person – 3 missions during peak

LaserOPS (Penang)
First Avenue Mall 3-13
182 Jalan Magazine, 10300 GeorgeTown, Penang, Malaysia.
Operation hours: 11.00am – 10:00pm (Open Daily)
Instagram – @laserops
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/laserops.my

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