[SINGAPORE]: Froth Cafe

Froth Cafe; located at the basement of Big Hotel. Pretty cozy and hidden I would say. A friend introduced this place to me. At the same time, Froth Cafe serves breakfast for Big Hotel’s guests.

 photo 20150325_204114_zpslwyjphyz.jpg

Froth Cafe serves lunch as well but I did not get to try lunch though. photo 20150325_204046_zpslyldrrcy.jpg photo 20150325_184523_zpsrxwidxxg.jpg

Froth Cafe is famous for their Taro Waffles with Earl Grey Ice Cream. Complex name but tastes pretty good! Quite filling I would say which I’d recommend this to be shared.

 photo 20150325_184352_zps5qzljn0u.jpg photo 20150325_183518_zpsxwpnf2nj.jpg

Doritos Crust Winglets ($11.90), highly recommended. Slightly spicy and crispy deboned winglet. A must-try when you drop by at Froth Cafe. photo 20150325_184019_zpshmossmyb.jpg photo 20150325_183731_zpsud3bd4ko.jpg photo 20150325_182927_zpsiktqnqbo.jpg

Its a good spot for meetups too. photo 20150325_182631_zps8ls0d4wc.jpg photo 20150325_182625_zpsddhx9nlq.jpg



Address: 200 Middle Rd, Singapore 188980
Phone:+65 6336 1228
Hours: Open today · 7:00 – 10:30 am, 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

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