[VIETNAM]: Hanoi On Foot

I heart sights like this. Nothing feels as good as you. Pretty weather, nice people, great travel partner. Here you go, bits and pieces of Hanoi. We decided to explore Hanoi on foot.

 photo DSC_0012_zps8f33b32c.jpg photo DSC_0014_zps6ad1c623.jpg

The traffic in Hanoi can be cranky, having all sorts of vehicles coming from every corner with very few traffic lights and no accident occur.

 photo DSC_0028_zpsff168ad7.jpg photo DSC_0029_zps590e4d6a.jpg

I kept calling this as Comot. Hence, Jalan Comot it is, in my own terms 😛 photo DSC_0072_zpsf137dc69.jpg photo DSC_0086_zpsd6bc86f4.jpg

Too many street shots and I love every single one of them! photo DSC_0088_zps6c8bcf5a.jpg

… and I can never get enough of the street food in Hanoi. Simply awesome!

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