Two Zero One Five

Hola! Welcome to the brand new year and I just got back from my long awaited getaway. Longing for one so super long and finally I just got back from one and can’t wait for the next. Am thankful for an awesome Christmas, not a white Christmas but being in a cold weather with the favourite person, I guess that answers it all! Couldn’t ask for more but still hoping for more trips like this.

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 As usual, staring blankly on the world map, feeling hopeful to be traveling to the other side of the globe (always wanted) and never stop trotting. Just making the best out of what I have. I was asked, many times, and yes, my answer will still be the same. It was a splendid trip 🙂 Thank you for everything!

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A random idea but doing d’jump at Boracay sounds like a plan 😀

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