[VIETNAM]: Sights of Sapa, Lao Cai

Hop onto a night bus from Hanoi to Sapa Lao Cai, took us approximately 8 hours. I’ve been backpacking over the years but this is the first time I encountered a three-row-double-deck night bus, equipped with free wifi on the move! But please don’t put much hope on the wifi if you get what I mean 😉
 photo IMG-20141222-WA0054_zpsq1mdrd4d.jpg

Reaching Sapa the next morning at 3 degrees. Obviously I wasn’t gear for that but the view is awesome!  photo DSC_0193_zps769318d7.jpg photo DSC_0166_zps921739c3.jpg

This is just the beginning.Sapa Town photo DSC_0206_zpsd4b04971.jpg

The priceless view of the rice terrace. photo DSC_0280_zpsb1fb42e5.jpg photo DSC_0209_zps2fa81276.jpg photo DSC_0218_zpsea0e430a.jpgThe Crew photo DSC_0231_zpsad96f6b5.jpgCitrus photo DSC_0256_zps21ab8bfc.jpg photo DSC_0280_zpsb1fb42e5.jpg

A picture with the chicken! photo DSC_0295_zps72a19f8c.jpg photo DSC_0297_zps34eb0e14.jpg photo DSC_0301_zps3519fe0d.jpg photo DSC_0307_zps80a9f4c9.jpg photo DSC_0308_zpseeb94c9d.jpg photo DSC_0309_zps4e096904.jpg photo DSC_0311_zpsf6f417c0.jpg photo DSC_0367_zpsa7b6c3ec.jpg photo DSC_0373_zps0e45218e.jpg photo DSC_0374_zps42a1b1e8.jpg photo DSC_0453_zpsc5566381.jpg

I love having him around though he scolded me during the trip. photo DSC_0303_zps06c733c2.jpg

 After a long day of trekking, we got back to the hotel to freshen up and chilled at the couch along the hallway while charging our phones. More like I couldn’t resist the cold evening, we walked across to a small cafe for hot chocolate while they were playing a compilation of Bruce Lee’s on the telly. As the sun sets, the temperature got lower, approximately 4 degrees. I began to shiver. I know I don’t do well with cold weather regardless how much I love it. Hence, I need to say that I am thankful for the idea of not putting up a night in Sapa. We ended up waiting for the bus at 9pm to head back to Hanoi. Sleeping our way through the journey but this bus was not as good as the earlier one.

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