Jabil Annual Roast 2015

Never get to dress up since I moved to Sg. Perhaps, this is probably my first. Not afraid of putting this dress as I am very sure no one else on this globe has the exact same dress. That’s just part one of the story. Part two is, I put it on 7 years ago for my college Prom Night, it was made accustomed to every inch of me 7 years ago.Β Along those years, I have not put this dress on as … I am not able to zip the dress! When I got to know the theme of the night is Around The World, well, I have nothing fantastic or close to whatever Around The World, hence I thought this is part of my collection which fits closest to the theme. Β I always love the hand-stitched sequins on the dress. It takes some effort to fit in again. There’s always a price to pay πŸ˜‰ Here you go, putting this dress on for the second time in my life!

 photo 10750122_10153041418248308_8571342488149851185_o_zpsvsmfxc3q.jpg

Oh, ya … and my pair of 4-inch blink blink I bought when I got my first pay check here πŸ˜›

 photo 10887484_10153042240733308_7044054156699780508_o_zpsjblwteo3.jpg

Well, didn’t take many pictures though only with those I want to. That’s my “akka”, funny I don’t see him in JPE but am glad we met here. photo 10333395_10153040898003308_1512429365935076986_o_zpsnfbym4po.jpg

Jeff, my lunch mate since Oct’13. photo 10634006_10153040904893308_1511503128956913715_o_zpszzhurjpb.jpg

… and with this dress, I have always wanted to do the “Pumped Up Kick” thingy, tonight it is! I am completely sure nothing will go wrong cuz this dress is made accustomed to me, the length is mainly similar to my usual denim shorts. Confidence babehh! On a brighter and happier note, he was crowned Mr Jabil 2015. Oh ya, thats me at the same time showing off my blink blink heels.

 photo 10257436_10153041301133308_709971790797493159_o_zpsvjd8b5tm.jpg

I always love that smile.

 photo 10906408_10153041457023308_4020134140793844385_n_zpssroldxof.jpg

 photo 10931567_10153041003068308_5665650237119417331_o_zpsytnof2xh.jpg

I guess we had endless selfies. Thanks for being a friend after 545, Kris. photo 10917259_10153041452843308_6659310226161313514_o_zpsaz7e2ycz.jpg

Friends since 2010.

 photo 10934149_10153042240028308_9057864983470975517_o_zpssgxdl3zr.jpg

One of my favourite candid shot, myself and the rose alongside with the evidence of Kris getting caught in the act. photo 10407340_10153042247823308_5084959914282260563_n_zpsbu4ds68a.jpg

The accidental Bumblebee. @#$% photo 10933714_683160715127941_6576129766822079235_n_zpsgk7gatx3.jpg

 photo 10835183_10153042240093308_5219786833339323959_o_zpsewef7q1v.jpg photo 10900041_10153042240163308_1662170347547788556_o_zps2zx0ja6w.jpg photo 10915118_10153042240213308_8870989621849660116_o_zpsglxmzpgy.jpg

This guy was funny. When I stepped into Sheraton, he came to me asking me to have a picture with him but refused to send me after that. photo 10917175_10153042240273308_8132814314161297053_o_zpssrcmqzxq.jpg photo 10900097_10153042240348308_6312819233347814608_o_zps0u33l41w.jpg

… followed by all the leg-lifting pics! photo 10911519_10153042240483308_4971329800840102553_o_zpsu8yxukfp.jpg photo 10887069_10153042240593308_8430310700230895278_o_zpsopuglscg.jpg photo 10922385_10153042240678308_8049145690582998410_o_zpscciv5lzc.jpg

Hello wine, its been a while.

 photo 10923744_10153042240778308_2710472254608726930_o_zpstxejhkx0.jpg

Always find her very cute. Perhaps, cuter in saree.

 photo 10914855_10153042240928308_8170531964484375427_o_zpsdkbhaefd.jpg

SeowWei, she helps me to kill my stress times! photo 10860979_10153042321668308_1535355608871822537_o_zpshetbg6se.jpg photo 10919034_683159985128014_6621421250717159728_n_zpsgzijoduk.jpg

My accidental lunchmate in crime πŸ™‚ photo 10935822_10153087205919381_1606733968_o_zps6bu7oepf.jpg

Shall we do blueberry cheesecake again soon? photo 1619235_683159951794684_7241336172324536519_n_zpsouwpwgrd.jpg photo 10940592_683160025128010_2265493731989741495_n_zpsgippirex.jpg

… and this would be my most aggressive look of the night! Thanks, Ramesh πŸ˜‰ photo 10941838_683160158461330_2956086875008109108_n_zps2r9ixnot.jpg

These are some of the favourite workmates I have here.

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3 Responses to Jabil Annual Roast 2015

  1. Kris Vinod says:

    Memory not forgettable

  2. Kris Vinod says:

    Friendship and our photoshot and my performance on stage hahahha…

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