Carmen’s Big Day

The moment when I came to know about the good news, I blocked my calendar, flight and everything else. Attended company’s dinner the night before and flew back to Penang the next morning. I was terribly zombified to the extend ended up at the wrong gate thinking that the flight had missed me. That’s bad, very. But the pro is, I get to dress up both nights!

 photo 10934112_10153043677258308_8111330933696869268_o_zpsnngvx0a8-1.jpg photo 1538714_10153043716173308_3391292587531010621_n_zpstoxemf5a-1.jpg

Also, meeting my batch of schoolmates! Everyone is doing so well!

 photo 10847377_10153043723658308_176571802028803708_o_zpssxvsvsge-1.jpg photo 10277621_10153043735758308_2810468711823213294_n_zpskbbflyko.jpg photo 10489797_10153045637278308_1881650254385130576_n_zpsstalsyzl.jpg photo 10860991_10153045637043308_4624442408148512968_o_zpsnmhsmmkb.jpg photo 10848746_10153047433043308_6033429998299021379_o_zpsktcvk9qr.jpg

… a selfie with the bride.

 photo 10848798_10153043680763308_4087221188820382555_o_zpsiyoeanch.jpg photo 10914956_10153047433213308_1003238082710244086_o_zpstwzrizec.jpg

… and one of my personal favourite, with Alicia! photo 10941013_10153043728388308_8427332338990917451_n_zps3vuprz2x.jpg photo 10923818_10153043726148308_6312479153813802363_o_zps4lccx6j9.jpg

Love this red toga dress as well.

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